FINAL: Red Sox 6 Rangers 3

Wow, David Ortiz made Rangers manager Ron Washington look like a real asshole last night, huh?  In the bottom of the ninth with Jonny Gomes on second base and first base open, Washington chose to intentionally walk Dustin Pedroia  and pitch to David Ortiz.

I understand the he wanted the lefty on lefty matchup and to potentially get the force out, but boy did David Ortiz make him look like an asshole.  He crushed a three run home run into the bullpen in right field and gave the Red Sox their fifth walk off win of the season.

Jacoby Ellsbury had a big night two. After sitting out five games with a bruised vagina, he went 4 for 5 and scored two runs including the game tying run in the seventh.  This guy is so friggin frustrating.  I really want to shit all over him but when he has nights light he did last night, it makes it real hard for me to say anything negative about the guy at all without sounding like a dick.

Anyway, the Red Sox are still in first place in the AL East and still have more wins than any other team in the American League (37).  That is wicked pissa.