Further Proof Sidney Crosby Is A Dick

"We gave them the game?"  Really?  So the Penguins, who had been averaging 4.2 goals per game coming into this series, just all of a sudden forgot how to score.  And the Bruins dont deserve any credit at all for stopping what was the most potent offense since the 80's Oilers.  According to Sidney Crosby, its just that simple.

What a dick.  What a real dick.  And people wonder why I refer to Sidney Crosby as a whiny little bitch.

This guy is nothing but an entitled asshole who is having a hard time coping with the fact that there is a team in the NHL who can stop him.  He has to get it through his thick skull that the Bruins have found a way to stop him.

Claude Julien owns this little bitch.  Zdeno Chara has shut him down.

This classless, arrogant fuck has to take his head out of his own ass and take a look at the goddamn scoreboard.  His team is down 2-0 for Christ's sake.  He hasnt registered a point in this series and he is not atop the leaderboard in playoff scoring.

His team is a sinking ship right now and he is kicking and screaming like a spoiled little prick who just got his allowance taken away.  Its just blows my mind how a city known as the Steel City can root for a guy like this.  It really does.