Blackhawks' Dave Bolland On Cracking Through The Bruins Suffocating Defense: "We'll Do It." Thanks For The Bulletin Board Material, Dumbass.

It’s as close to a guarantee as you get anymore, after a question that started with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and how they had felt the Boston Death grip closing around them not long ago. Dave Bolland looked us right in the eye and said it.  “We’ll do it,” he promised. “We’ll do it.” 
So why will Chicago be able to get the handcuffs off, then the straight jacket, and unlock the steamer trunk from the inside, then swim to the surface before they drown in Boston Harbour the same way that Pittsburgh did.  “We’ll do it,” was all Bolland would say. “We’ll do it.” 
Call it whistling past the graveyard. Call it swagger. Call it whatever you want.

How about if I call him a naive bastid who sees his season going down the shitter and is in denial mode.  Sure, he should be confident.  But to say, "we'll do it" is just stupid.

Im not going to rattle off a bunch of numbers proving how great Tuukka Rask and the Bruins defense has been in this series.  The bottom line is that in the past six periods of hockey played by these two teams, the Blackhawks havent scored a single goal.

Yet Dave Bolland has the balls to declare, in print, that the Blackhawks will "do it."  They will magically break through this defense and start scoring goals.  I guess denial isnt just a river in Egypt.

He's probably clinging to the fact that the Blackhawks came back from a 3-1 series deficit to beat the Red Wings in the last round.  Thats cute.  Someone has to remind him that the Red Wings didnt have Tuukka Rask in net and they didnt have Zdeno Chara playing in full beast mode.

But good for Dave Bolland for giving his teammates some ra ra bullshit to rally around and for giving the Bruins bulletin board material....not that they need any.