If You Think Tim Tebow Is Going To Compete With Tom Brady For The QB Job, You Are Out Of Your Friggin Mind

We havent heard anything yet from Bill Belichick about how he plans on using Tim Tebow, but I think we can safely say the dude will not be competing for the starting quarterback job.

If anything, Belichick will consider him an experiment and maybe try him at tight end, maybe at running back and maybe even as the third string quarterback.  Any columnist, analyst, beat writer or sports talk show host who says that there is a quarterback controversy is just talking out of their ass and deserves to be fired.  The guy has been in the league for three years now and hasnt accomplished shit.

We dont know if he will make a good tight end or running back but he will make a nice third string quarterback and if he can learn anything from Brady, he may even be the heir apparent when Brady decides to walk off into the sunset with Gisele.

But for now, he is nothing more than a failed quarterback hoping for a rebirth.  On a side note, I cant wait to see Belichick basically tell the media to shove it up their ass when they start to ask the stupid questions, because you know the stupid questions are going to come.  This guy causes a media shitstorm wherever he goes.