Jeremy Jacobs Met With The Media To Talk About The Bruins Season. I Must Say, Listening To This Asshat Talk About Hockey Is Friggin Painful.

Listening to this Jeremy Jacobs talk about hockey is like listening to nails being scraped along a chalkboard. The guy is friggin clueless when it comes to the game.  He shouldnt be in the business of owning an NHL team, he really shouldnt.  He doesnt deserve to be an owner in the NHL

I cant even stand looking at this guys friggin face, so I dont know why Im even posting this. But it happened, so I feel like I should. Get ready to cringe:

The most cringe worthy moment comes when Jacobs explains, "That we wound up losing in the sixth game was probably the most iconic hockey game that Ive seen in a long time. I shouldnt say just game, but the series.."

I think he was trying to say, “we lost the series in six games and it was an iconic series.” The dude should have rehearsed his lines a little more.