Jonathan Toews Had The Balls To Talk Shit About Zdeno Chara’s Game 4 Performance, Said “We Can Outwork Him And We Did.”

Jonathan Toews on Zdeno Chara, from WEEI:
“There's certain ways you can expose him,” Toews said. “I think the dump-ins that we made tonight were going to his side. We can outwork him, and we did that tonight, and we want to continue that.”
Zdeno Chara had his first bad game of the playoffs in Game 4 and Jonathan Toews had the balls to rip him after.  Are you shitting me?  Chara has been in full beast mode for these playoffs.  So he had one off night.  Big shit.

Toews should either give cliches in his post game pressers or keep his friggin mouth shut.  The captain of the team just isnt supposed to talk like that.  You dont call out Zdeno Chara because he had an off night.  You just dont.

Blackhawks fans should be pissed right now.  It was a stupid thing to say.  And I wouldnt be surprised to see Toews on his as for most of Game 5.  Mark my words.