Penguins Fans Are Pissed At JetBlue Because Pilot Compared Sidney Crosby To A Crying Baby. Awe, Somebody Call A Waaambulance!

On a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston, a pilot reportedly heard a baby crying and got on the intercom and asked if Sidney Crosby was back there crying. Well, it seems like Penguins fans arent taking it too lightly.

Here are some of the comments on the JetBlue Facebook page:

These people have to lighten up. I mean, I understand that they have a thorn up their ass because their team is down 0-2 in the series but to call for a boycott or demand an apology is friggin stupid.  Its just sports. Lighten the hell up.

If you want to laugh your ass off some more, go to the JetBlue Facebook page comments section and read more comments from these butthurt Penguins fans.