Penguins Organization Sent A YouTube Video Of Chara Punching Crosby In The Jaw To The Media. What A Bunch Of Whiny Bitches.

This is a screenshot of The Toronto Sun (today):

From The Toronto Sun:
The Penguins provided TSN with footage of Chara punching Crosby, claiming it to be from Game 1. During a scrum in the dying seconds of the second period, Chara apparently delivered a blow square to Crosby’s injured jaw while the Penguins star was being held by Bruins centre Patrice Bergeron. 

Are you shitting me?  Not only is Sidney Crosby a whiny little bitch but so is the Penguins organization.  I mean, what the hell is the point of sending this video to a media outlet?  The Eastern Conference Finals are over.

On top of that, its the friggin playoffs for Christ's sake.  Guys get punched in the face.  It happens.  The only plausible reason I can think of for them sending this video to the media is that they are bitter about getting annihilated and want to bitch and moan after the fact.

If they are hoping to smear Zdeno Chara's name and make him out to be some sort of villian, they are friggin idiots.  All this does is make Sidney Crosby look like more of a pussy and the Penguins organization look like whiny little bitches...just like their wonder boy.

Patrice Bergeron has a history of concussions yet he fought Evgeni Malkin.  Not one person bitched and moaned.  I guess that the difference between the two organizations and their fan bases.

Anyway, here's the video that the Penguins organization sent to TSN: