Shitty T-Shirt Peddler In Chicago Pulled "Chicago Stronger" Shirts Then Wrote 6,000 Word Maniacal Rant Bashing The People Who Were Offended. This Dude Has Some Balls.

Some asshole in Chicago is the latest ignoramus to exploit Boston Strong. Shitty t-shirt peddler, Cubby Tees, was selling a "Chicago Stronger" shirts on their website until they got bombarded with tweets from Massholes asking them to remove it.

They have since pulled the shirts and posted a 6,000 word maniacal rant in its place in which he bashes the people who were offended:
"Judging by the tone/ignorance/froth/grammar contained in most of the notes received, we realize that a majority of the correspondents lack an open mind, earnest desire for discourse or an ability to comprehend complex concepts like parody...let alone polysyllabic words."
He comes across as an insensitive dickhead who is a little soft in the head.  He actually has the balls to claim that the shirt was satirical too:
"We wish that more had read the description for the “Chicago Stronger” shirt, but that might have let facts/intent get in the way of a good new-fashoned Twitter-lynching....the design's satirical nature targeted the tasteless exploiters in Boston's midst rather than any innocent victims.
He deleted the original description, but as you know, there is no such thing as delete when it comes to the internet. Here is the proof they are full of shit.  This doesnt seem satirical to me:

The guy is just an asshole.  This isnt the Chicago Tribune basically telling the people of Boston that they are no longer with us.  This guy is just a friggin moron.

And like I said before, we are going to have to live with the lowlifes in society throwing the Boston Marathon tragedy back in our faces for the rest of our lives.  Im just so tired of the bullshit.  I really am.

(read the entire 6,000 word maniacal rant here).