So Nathan Horton Doesnt Want To Be A Bruin Anymore. That Sucks. That Really Sucks.

Im surprised people arent more pissed about this. Nathan Horton basically told the Bruins to screw. He said that he will test the free agent market and his decision isn’t about the money, he just wants to “move on.”

Either he is full of shit, and it really is about the money, or he didn’t like playing here.  At this point, I have no frigin idea what to believe.  Im sure the truth will come out eventually, assuming the Bruins beat writer with press passes and sources do their job.  Either way, I'm disappointed.

Sure, the guy was inconsistent during the regular season, but he was tied for second in overall playoff scoring this year.  The Krejci, Lucic, Horton line was in full beast mode during these playoffs.  And you must admit, Nathan Horton is friggin clutch in the playoffs.

I dont expect him to take a "hometown discount" but he is part of the core of this team and it sucks that he wouldnt want to come back.  It just friggin sucks.

I guess we should get start mentally preparing ourselves for a David Krejci, Milan Lucic and Jarome Iginla first line next season.  Book it.