Stephen Drew Left Last Nights Game Due To "Tightness" In His Right Hamstring. This Guy Really Needs To Grow A Pair Of Balls.

Technically speaking, Stephen Drew didnt leave the game last night due to an injury. He left because he felt tightness in his hamstring.  And when he pulls shit like he did last night, we have every right to be pissed off.

We just watched Patrice Bergeron play a Stanley Cup Final game with a friggin hole in his lung.  We watched Dustin Pedroia play the first 53 games of the season with a torn ligament in his thumb.

I understand that last nights game wasnt a Stanley Cup Final game.  That being said, Stephen Drew is still a pussy.

I guarantee that if Dustin Pedroia felt "tightness" in  his hamstring last night, he would have played through it.  Because that's what gamers do.  I wonder how much pride Stephen Drew felt watching his team come back and win that game knowing he was not a part of it.  Actually, I wonder if the friggin baby even stayed and watched.

Id love to know if he even got treatment for his "tight" hamstring.  Im not a trainer so I dont you even get treated for a "tight" hamstring?  Or do you just stretch, rub it a little bit then sit back and watch a Lifetime movie with a pint of ice cream on your lap?

But seriously, the only reason I even care is because Stephen Drew is a damn good baseball player.  And it is so friggin frustrating seeing him pull bullshit like this.  I just wish he would grow a pair of balls half the size of Dustin Pedroia's and play through the pain.

Leaving a game with "tightness" in your hamstring is unacceptable in a town with Patrice Bergeron and Dustin Pedroia.  Sure the guy has talent and sure people who know baseball will stand with the guy, but today Stephen Drew deserves to be shat on.