The Bruins (not Sidney Crosby and not the Penguins) Made The Cover Of Sports Illustrated. That Is Pissa.

There are two national covers of Sports Illustrated this week. One has Marcus Kruger of the Blackhawks knocking a Kings player on his ass and the other one has Tuukka Rask making a sprawling save.

That has got to be a crushing blow to Sidney Crosby and his Penguins. I mean, I thought he was the "greatest player in the world." I thought he was the face of the sports. And I thought the Penguins were some sort of juggernaut who were supposed to score 5 goals a game and sail to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Well, I guess this is just proof that it was all bullshit. Sidney Crosby and this mythical juggernaut that is the Pittsburgh Penguins was just a figment of everyone's imagination.  In reality, they suck. Sidney Crosby sucks.  The Penguins lost back-to-back games at home in the Conference Finals.  That is laughable.

Meanwhile, the Bruins are a friggin freight train heading towards the promised land on the backs of David Krejci and a goalie who, through 14 games, has better numbers than Tim Thomas did in the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup run (through 14 games, Rask has a .935 save percentage and 1.99 GAA; Tim Thomas had a .932 save percentage and a 2.23 GAA).

If I had a press pass, the first thing I would ask Sidney Crosby today is how he feels about not being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Then I would sit back and watch him pout like a little bitch....and I would enjoy every second of it.