The Dismantling Of The Penguins Has Begun: Goaltenders Coach Gilles Meloche To "Resign"

Gilles Meloche is expected to formally request his resignation this week.  Meloche, goaltending coach for the past seven seasons, will inform general manager Ray Shero this week of plans to resign.
He is expected to take another role — perhaps as a professional scout — with the Penguins, with whom he has spent 27 seasons. Meloche, 62, wants to spend more time in his native Montreal.

He wants to spend more time with his family. Yea, okay.  Id bet this months rent that this guy just learned about his upcoming resignation in the newspaper.

Lets call it what it is.  The Penguins goaltending sucks and now the goaltender coach is being fired.  The reality is, he has been with the organization for 27 years, so the only way to fire him with dignity is to call it a "resignation."  You cant bullshit a bullshitter.  The Penguins PR department needs to try a little harder next time.

Anyway, I wonder who will be the next head to roll.  I wouldnt be surprised to see a complete dismantling before the week is over.  Im talking about the head coach and general manager being fired.

Remember, the Penguins thought this was their year.  They had all their chips on the table and failed.  Not only did they fail, they got a swift kicked in the balls unlike anything we have ever seen.  Hell, they were averaging 4.2 goals per game then proceeded to score a total of two in the entire Eastern Conference Finals.

When a team gets kicked in the balls as hard as they did, you dont just sit pat.  Ownership has to be ripshit right now. 

This is going to be a great week.  We get to see the start of the Stanley Cup Finals and the dismantling of the Penguins organization in the same week.  That is wicked pissa.