The Patriots Did The Right Thing And Removed ALL Aaron Hernandez Merchandise From The Pro Shop...And Made The Ravens Look Like Dicks At The Same Time.

In an attempt to distance themselves from Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots have removed all Aaron Hernandez merchandise from their Pro Shop.   If you search for "Aaron Hernandez" at the Patriots Pro Shop, you'll see this:

Meanwhile, if you search Ray Lewis at the Ravens Pro Shop, you'll see this:

I just cant get over the fact that the dude was arrested for murder and the Ravens organization (and fans) just didnt give two shits because he was good at tackling people.  If the Ravens had any class, they would have done what the Kraft family did.  But they dont...and they didnt.

The Ravens are a pathetic excuse for a professional football team and their fans are a disgrace to football.  I hope they are paying attention to this Aaron Hernandez situation and I hope those arrogant pricks live with the shame of their failure for the rest of their lives.