These Penguins Bloggers Just Went From Being Douchebags To Mancunts. They're Saying Campbell Looked "Pathetic" And His Injury Was "Hilarious."

This is a screenshot from a Penguins fan blog called

These mancunts need to grow the fuck up. There is shit talking and then there is doing what they're doing.

Calling Sidney Crosby a whiny little bitch is shit talking (it is the truth, but it is shit talking).  Saying that a man who broke his friggin leg and continued to play the rest of the penalty kill looked "pathetic" is fucking disgraceful.

How a human being can look at what Gregory Campbell did and say it was "hilarious" just goes to show what kind of low life scumfucks exist in Pittsburgh.  I feel bad that the people of Pittsburgh have to read this bullshit. I really do.

Blogs like this are a perfect example of why that Penguins fanbase has such a low hockey IQ.  These assclowns write at a middle school level and probably learned everything they know about hockey from playing video games.  Yet they consider themselves fans.  How fucking pathetic.

Whats really scary is that these dumb fucks are mingling with society.  They are out there in the world and other people have to coexist with them.  Someone on this planet actually saw what Gregory Campbell did and called it "hilarious."  My mind is fucking blown.

I dont think its a stretch to say that the hockey world would be better off if blogs like ThePensBlog didnt exist.  And society would be better of if the scumfucks who write for that blog were heavily medicated.