They Finally Arrested Him

The Mass State Police announced on twitter that Aaron Hernandez has been arrested and will be arraigned this afternoon in an Attleboro court. The charges havent been announced yet.

The Kraft family must be bullshit right now.  One of their players being taken from his home in handcuffs.  Wow.  I hope this asshole never puts on a Patriots inform again.  If I ever see him on the same as Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, etc ever again I am going to be ripshit. 

I just cant comprehend why someone who makes the money he makes and lives the privileged life he lives would get into bullshit that leads to the State Police showing up at your front door.

This guy just spit in the Kraft family's face and made Patriots fans everywhere look like real assholes.  As of right now, he is basically in the same situation Ray Lewis was in back in 2000...and that makes me sick to my friggin stomach.

What a friggin disgrace.