VIDEO: That Loud Mouthed, Shit Talking Jonathan Toews Gets Destroyed By Johnny Boychuk

So, Jonathan Toews talks shit about "outworking" Chara in Game 4 then proceeds to get destroyed by Johnny Boychuk in Game 5. What a shocka!  I mean, do you think Boychuk didn’t have that quote in the back of his mind when he leveled him?  The dude shouldnt have ran his mouth.

And he didnt play one second of the third period. Whats strange is that he didnt appear to get injured on any specific play in this game.  My guess is that the douchebag Blackhawks are going to lobby the NHL to suspend Johnny Boychuk and claim it was a head shot and that he was "injured" on the play.  Its bullshit.  But I wouldnt put it past them.  Stay tuned..