What Kind Of An Asshole Gets A Championship Tattoo Before Their Team Wins A Championship? This Asshole.

From PuckDaddy:
Russell Pedersen doesn't believe in jinxes. He also doesn't believe in the powers of the hockey gods. He does believe, however, that the Chicago Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup in seven games over the Boston Bruins. He believes this so much that he decided to get ahead of things and add "2013" to a tattoo of the Cup that he got on his right arm after the Blackhawks' triumph in 2010.

And people think Im a cocky bastid.  This guy is the cockiest bastid of them all.  Actually, he isnt cocky.  He's just an asshole.  He is making a mockery of this series and making Blackhawks fans look bad.

There is no need to do something like this.  Unless your goal is to piss off Bruins fans while making yourself look like a wicked big assholes in the process...which is exactly what this guy just did.

Mission accomplished, douchebag.