The Chicago Tribune Brought Up The Boston Marathon Bombings In An Attempt To Take A Shot At Bruins Fans. Why The Fuck Did They Have To Go There?

The day after the Boston Marathon bombings, the Chicago Tribune ran a graphic that read, "We are Chicago Red Sox. We are Chicago Celtics. We are Chicago Bruins. We are Chicago Patriots. We are Chicago Revolution."

Well, this was the cover of their special sports section yesterday:

via Bostinno

Typically when I see bullshit like this, I revert back to the mantra Boston Strong.  I bite my tongue and accept the fact that we are going to have to live with assholes throwing the Boston Marathon bombings back in our face for the rest of our lives.

Sometimes its hard to ignore the noise.  Sometimes I really want to unleash equal hatred on them.  Then I think to myself, I have to be Boston Strong.

But this is just too much. This isnt just some lowlife on twitter bringing up the Boston Marathon bombings in an attempt to to stir the pot.  This is the Chicago Tribune.  They are a major publication.  They have layers of editors.  Yet this graphic made it all the way to the top and into print.  The fact that this made it to the highest levels at that newspaper and actually got published is compete and utter bullshit.

Christ, Im a Masshole running a blog from my couch with no journalism degree, no editors, no bosses to answer to and even I wouldnt stoop to that level.  This is no different than showing a picture of a crumpled up New York Post headline from the day after the World Trade Center attacks and saying, "you're on your own" before a series with the Yankees.

The fact that this made it to print is a fucking disgrace and someone needs to be fired.

Whats sad is that it didnt have to happen.  It really didnt.  I mean, using the Boston Marathon bombings as a way to take a shot at a fanbase over a friggin sporting event is for the scumbags in society.

Its for the people who are either too stupid to come up with something creative to say or for the twisted fucks who want to intentionally open up old wounds, throw salt on them and rub it in for their own sick pleasure.

At this point, Im dont know which one the Chicago Tribune is.  I really dont.