Wow, Even The Penguins Bloggers Are Wicked Big Douchebags.

Are Penguins fans really that stupid?  This is from a shitty Penguins blogged called ThePensBlog.  After reading that caption, I can see why this dude doesnt actually get paid to write about hockey.

The only difference was that McQuaid pretended he was hurt? We're talking about Matt Cooke.  The dude is a notorious head hunter who has a reputation for intentionally hurting guys.  That was not incidental boarding.  The piece of shit was trying to send McQuaid to the hospital.

The refs knew that.  Anyone with a hockey IQ above zero knows that.  The guy is basically is a modern day Ulf Samuelsson.  He has made a career of intentionally hurting guys.  Anytime I hear the name Matt Cooke, my body fills with rage and I want to tear shit apart. 

Anyway, the ignorance in Pittsburgh when it comes to Matt Cooke is enraging.  They have to be some of the dumbest hockey fans on the planet or some of the biggest assholes in all of hockey.  Im not sure which, but if I had to guess Id say it may be a little bit of both.