Red Sox Celebrated The 25th Anniversary Of "Morgan Magic" Last Night At Fenway Park...And Look Who Showed Up.

Morgan is the namesake of the incredible stretch of baseball the Red Sox embarked on in the summer of 1988 known as "Morgan's Magic."

Down nine games in the American League East heading into the All-Star break, the Red Sox inserted Morgan as interim manager and he went on to lead the team to the division title.

The Red Sox honored Morgan and the memorable run before their game against the Mariners on Tuesday by having Morgan throw out the first pitch with seven of his former players. 

Why did Roger Clemens have to show up for the Morgan Magic Anniversary?  Sure, the guy was on the team in 1988 and had some great years with the Red Sox but above all else, the guy is an ego maniac who always put himself above the game and he doesnt belong on the field at Fenway Park for any sort of celebration. 

To this day, he denies that he ever used steroids and the arrogant prick thinks we are stupid enough to believe him.  The guy belongs on the Mount Rushmore of steroid users for Christ's sake--along with Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Jose Canseco.

I dont give a shit about the numbers he put up while here.  If he had never done steroids, he would be just another Dave Stewart, Kevin Appier or Frank Viola and faded away in the mid 90's.  But he chose to turn to the dark side and had a second life in baseball.  The guy lacks integrity and has no shame....and that is the height of douchbaggery.

If he didnt get off on a technicality, he would be in jail for perjury.  Im sorry, but seeing this sociopath at Fenway Park just pisses me off. 

Shit Just Got Real

I usually dont write about trade rumors because most of the time they turn out to be bullshit and I just end up annoyed when all is said and done. But with the Red Sox trading Jose Iglesias and with Will Middlebrooks down on the farm, they now have a huge hole to fill at third base.

They called up Brock Holt today but this guy is just a band aid.  Lets be serious, he isnt going to be their starting third baseman for the final two months of the season in the heat of a pennant race.

All of this, combined with the fact that Michael Young is willing to waive his no-trade clause to come to the Red Sox, means this thing has some legs.

Stay tuned.

I Guess That Was A False Alarm

And this is why Major League Baseball trade deadline day drives me friggin nuts. There is so much information going in every direction.

Your Tweet Of The Day

This had to be said:

FINAL: Red Sox 8 Mariners 2

Brandon Workman made the Mariners look like a bunch of little bitches. In only his third major league start, the dude had nine strikeouts, only allowed one run, one walk and six hits over six innings. I dont care that it was the against the pathetic Seattle Mariners, thats a solid friggin start.

I really hope the Red Sox dont put this guy in the bullpen now that they have acquired Jake Peavy. I would love to see what he can do over the stretch. He has gone at least six innings in his last three starts and hasnt allowed more than two runs.

Oh yea, and the Red Sox scored eight runs against the pathetic Mariners. So basically, they did what they were supposed to do and beat a shitty team. The Rays won too, so the Sox are still tied with the Rays for the most wins in the American League and are still a half game back in the AL East.

Thanks Jaromir, For Kicking Us In The Balls On The Way Out Of Town

Yes, that is Jaromir Jagr and no its not photoshopped.

What a ball buster.

Sports Illustrated Has Written Alex Rodriguez's Obituary And It Reads, "Nothing Dies Pretty." Sucks To Be Him.

Lets be serious. Alex Rodriguez will probably never be on the cover of Sports Illustrated again. This is it. This is his "fall from grace" article and its basically his sports obituary...and the subtitle reads, "nothing dies pretty." Seems fitting.

Now I just wish Bud Selig would hurry up and suspend the asshole. Im getting sick of hearing about him. Selig needs to either take a shit or get off the toilet.

VIDEO: Vince Wilfork Tries To Speak With A Boston Accent In His Latest Commercial. He Got Some Of The Words Right.

Listen to Vince Wilfork try and speak with a Boston accent in this Dish commercial. He nails some of the words but some arent even close (for example, its pronounced Wil-fawk not Wil-fahk).  I think Dish Network is trying a little too hard.

Whoever Is Running The Rays Twitter Account Is A Real Wise Ass...And Just Got Friggin Owned By The Red Sox.

After that fraudulent win last night, the Rays took over first place in the AL East. Then this happened:

The Rays probably thought they were being cute by starting a twitter fight with the Red Sox.  Well, little did they know the Red Sox twitter account is being run by a Masshole.  That is what you call a bitch slap.  Kudos to the Red Sox for putting those unfunny pricks back in their place.

(by the way, these are real tweets and not photoshopped @RedSox tweet here, @RaysBaseball tweet here)

FINAL: Rays 2 Red Sox 1

If home plate umpire Jerry Meals did his job, this would have been the game tying run and it would have changed everything. And if my aunt had a dick, she'd be my uncle. 

Anyway, the Red Sox arent in first place anymore.

If only there were some sort of technology that could allow you to rewind the tape and instantly replay it for the umpires to see.  What Im trying to say is, fuck you Bud Selig.

In Case You Want To Get Pissed Off Again, Here Is The Video Of Umpire Jerry Meals Blowing The Call At The Plate That Wouldve Tied The Game In The 8th

Notice how the Rays announcers go silent after the replay clearly shows that Daniel Nava is safe. Pricks.

August Is Going To Be A Long Friggin Month

I have to look at this asshole's mug all month?  I dont blame the Patriots.  I mean, I understand that they couldnt totally erase Aaron Hernandez from their existence.

Bill Belichick Said “All Three” Quarterbacks Are Going To Be Effective For The Patriots This Year. My Mind = Blown.

Bill Belichick did an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio and said, “we have three guys really at the quarterback position that, when they play, are going to be effective for the team.”  So, I think Belichick just said that Tim Tebow will be on the Patriots this season...I think.

I would love to know what kind of Houdini bullshit Belichick has up his sleeve.  I really would.  I mean, a lot of "experts" who watched Tim Tebow at Patriots practices over the weekend said that he didnt look good at quarterback at all (Tom E. Curran even called him "horrendous") so I cant see this guy throwing the ball this season.

My mind is just blown right now.  I mean, I have no friggin idea what Belichick plans to do.  I really dont.  Im not even smart enough to speculate.  Im just going to keep my mouth shut and repeat the mantra, "in Bill we trust."

FINAL: Red Sox 5 Orioles 0

Well, I guess umpire Tim Timmons lit a fire under David Ortiz’s ass. A day after flipping out over a bad call by Timmons and going apeshit on the dugout phone, he went 4 for 4 with a home run (his 20th) and two RBI in the Red Sox win over the Orioles.

Jon Lester went seven innings and was friggin awesome, tying a career high with eight strikeouts. He didnt allow a run, gave up only four hits and walked two. Lester is now 2-0 since the All-Star break with 16 strikeouts and only two runs allowed.

The Red Sox ended up taking 2 of 3 from the Orioles proving that the Orioles aren’t really the threat in the AL East that some of their ballwashing fans think they are.  Oh yea, and the Tampon Bay Rays lost to the Yankees today. So the Red Sox are back in first place in the AL East. Pissa.

Ryan Dempster And Jonny Gomes Fixed That Dugout Phone That David Ortiz Destroyed

via @JennyDellNESN

These guys are pissa.

Whoever Runs The Tampa Bay Rays Twitter Account Is A Bit Of A Wise Ass

But I must admit...I laughed.

VIDEO: David Cone Has A Problem With Ortiz Smashing The Dugout Phone Because Shrapnel Was "Fuckin Flying Around People Eyes."

Honestly, I dont give two shits what David Cone thinks but I figured Id post this the entertainment value. Listen to Cone, who is a color commentator for the Yankees on the YES network, drop an f-bomb at around the 0:33 mark:

VIDEO: David Ortiz Loses His Shit And Shatters The Clubhouse Phone After The Umpire Screws Him

Home plate umpire Tim Timmons ought to be ashamed of himself. That was an atrocious call.  People are going to say that David Ortiz should be suspended for losing his shit in front of the cameras but the umpire's incompetence is the reason Ortiz lost it. If that incompetent prick did his job, this incident never would have happened.

In a perfect world, Tim Timmons will be disciplined by MLB for sucking at his job so badly that it caused a professional to throw a tantrum like a baby.  But he wont be.  And that is so goddamn frustrating.

After the game, David Ortiz explained the pitch that set him off. From ESPN:
Ortiz was at the plate with a 3-and-0 count against Baltimore reliever Jairo Asencio, when he backed out of the batter's box at the same time Asencio delivered a pitch that upon repeated viewings on replay was clearly high. Ortiz said he had not called time. "No, no, it was a ball," Ortiz said. "If the catcher let it go, it would have hit [Timmons] in the face."

And John Farrell gave Tim Timmons a nice back handed bitch slap, saying, “I would hope they review the whole situation from start to finish, and I think there's probably a reason why things ended up the way they did."

John Farrell is pissa.

This Is So Friggin Wrong

Im sorry, but the idea of a Yankees fan also being a fan of the Bruins and Patriots just pisses me off.  Pick a side, pal.  Either you’re with them or you’re with us.

Your Tweet Of The Day

via @FITZonFOX25

If I EVER see this during a regular season game, I will go apeshit.

FINAL: Red Sox 7 Orioles 3

Stephen Drew has to be one of the most frustrating players in the history of the Red Sox. When he isnt menstruating and getting cramps, the guy can play. Its just too bad his threshold for pain is a zero. If this dude could play through pain the way Dustin Pedroia does, he would be a special player.

For the record, Drew is still on my shit list.  Sure, he had a great game but earlier in the season, the guy went on the 15 day DL with a "tight hamstring."  Pedroia plays through the pain.  So does Shane Victorino.  There is no reason why Drew shouldnt.  He has to do more than have a two home run, five RBI night to make up for that type of bullshit.

Anyway, so Ryan Dempster was okay, going 5.1 innings and giving up two runs and striking out four. Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa pitched well in relief and Koji Uehara once again pitched a perfect ninth. This guy really is unappreciated. I remember the days earlier this season when Andrew Bailey and/or Joel Hanrahan would piss me off nightly. But I digress.

The Tampon Bay Rays won, so the Red Sox are still a half game back in the AL East.

Belichick Says Patriots’ Long Term Goals Are “Within The Next 12 Hours.” Looks Like He's Back To Being The Bill We Know And Love.

"Right now our goal is really just today. Go out there and take what we put in last night, what we talked about this morning.  Back in this afternoon, make the corrections from this morning and then move on and start preparing for tomorrow. Our long term goals right now are, say, within the next 12 hours."

On the Patriots first day of training camp Bill Belichick wouldnt talk about the Patriots long term plans.  He wouldnt talk about how he plans on filling the void left by Aaron Hernandez being in jail. He wouldn’t talk about what he plans to do if Rob Gronkowski isnt ready by Week 1. He wouldn’t talk about how he plans on using Tim Tebow.
He basically isnt looking past the next 12 hours.  So, I guess there’s nothing to talk about here.

Here's Reaction To Tim Tebow's First Practice With The Patriots From Someone Who Was There...If You Give A Shit

Tim Tebow reportedly threw 2 interceptions in 11 on 11 drills and at one point was catching passes with receivers and backs.  I have no idea what to make of this.  I mean, we all knew the guy sucked at playing quarterback so this isnt really a surprise.

And Bill Belichick is smart enough to know the guy cant play quarterback in the NFL.  Its seems like Belichick's motive for brining him in was to throw a bunch of shit at the wall to see what sticks.  So far, it doesnt look too good.

These Pictures Of Aaron Hernandez Holding A Gun The Night Odin Llyod Was Murdered Are Friggin Eerie

Attleboro District Court released pictures from the surveillance video inside Aaron Hernandez's house on the night Odin Lloyd was murdered and they are friggin eerie:

via @GlobeBallou

via @GlobeBallou

I just want to remind everyone that just because Aaron Hernandez was holding a gun on the night Odin Lloyd was murder and just because the bullets found at the scene of the crime (and inside a rental car that was rented in Aaron Hernandez's name) matchup with the type of gun that Hernandez is holding, it doesnt mean he is guilty.

It may have just been an incredible coincidence.  Im kidding.  No one is that friggin naive. Well, except maybe a grand jury.  Remember, OJ walked free, Casey Anthony walked free, etc etc.  "Beyond a reasonable doubt" just doesnt seem to matter anymore.

Patriots Training Camp Starts Today. This Is How Bill Belichick Got Ready.

via @Patriots

The Red Sox Game Was Rained Out Even Though It Didnt Rain. Now The Sox Have To Face David Price On Monday. Umpires Are Friggin Idiots.

Here is the official statement from the Red Sox as to why the game was canceled last night:

Between 7:10pm and 10:30pm it never even rained in Boston. On top of that, David Price is scheduled to pitch Monday. Umpires suck.

Tom Brady Spoke Today About The Aaron Hernandez Situation And There Was A Lot Of Media There

You're telling me the Patriots couldnt set up a table for Tom Brady and some chairs for the media? Its like they were intentionally busting the media's balls.

Anyway, Brady didnt say anything juicy. What I got out of it is the Patriots are ready to move on. Here's a clip:

PHOTO: University Of Florida Removed The Aaron Hernandez Brick From Outside Its Stadium Today. The Scumbag's Existance Has Now Been Completely Erased From That School.

via @McMurphyESPN

via @JQuittner
From ESPN:
In late June, the University of Florida began removing photographs and images of Aaron Hernandez throughout the school's football facility.

On Thursday, the school worked to remove the last -- and most publicly visible -- reminder of Hernandez. Florida will dig up and remove a brick outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium honoring Hernandez, a former All-American at the school.

So all things celebrating Aaron Hernandez have been removed from his alma mata.  I cant help but think of the Baltimore Ravens today and the fact that they have plans to build a Ray Lewis statue outside of their stadium.

This just goes to show that some people get it and some people just dont.  Some organizations dont want to associate with the scum of society and some organizations want to celebrate the scum of society (and label the scum as "reformed" whatever the hell that means). 

And I dont want to hear any shit about how Ray Lewis never killed anyone.  He was arrested and charged with murder then worked out a plea deal that allowed him to rat out his friends in exchange for a lesser charge, which turned out to be obstruction of justice.

The only difference between Aaron Hernandez and Ray Lewis is the fact that Ray Lewis played the criminial justice system like a friggin fiddle and got off.  Yet stupid Ravens fans just continue to defend this pathetic piece of shit and live in denial.  My conscience is clear.  I admit Aaron Hernandez is an asshole who deserves to rot in jail.   But I digress.

Mike Lynch’s Play-By-Play Of Bill Belichick Walking To The Podium Yesterday Was Completely Unnecessary....And Just Friggin Weird.

For some reason, Mike Lynch of Channel 5 felt compelled to give us a very detailed play-by-play of Bill Belichick walking to the podium yesterday (including the fact that Bill Belichick was "brushing his hair back" at one point) as if we gave a shit.  Seriously, the only thing he didnt describe was the type of sneakers he was wearing.

Tom Brady Did Another One Of Those Funny Or Die Sketches And Nailed It. Is There Anything He Isnt Good At?

FINAL: Rays 5 Red Sox 1

Yea, the Red Sox lost.  And David Price pitched a complete game.

If You Didnt Know, David Price Is A Bit Of A Prick Too.

One day, I decided to tweet Tampon Bay Rays pitcher David Price and bust his balls a little bit.  It was all in good nature.

He responded...and proceeded to blocked me.

Real nice guy, huh?

Dodgers Stadium Is Selling Frozen Beer Foam That Goes On Your Beer And Keeps It Cold...For All The Pussies In LA Who Drink Beer Too Slow.

The process essentially breaks down into 2 easy steps for a bartender, or in this case a newbie Dodger Stadium employee. Step 1, pour the beer out of the tap. Step 2, conjure your skills as a frozen yogurt employee because adding the frozen foam is aesthetically similar.
The foam, served at -5 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit, was created to top a pint glass and form an insulated layer that ‘protects your beer’ in the daytime heat.

How snobby are they out there in LA?  Jesus Christ, its friggin beer.  Its not supposed to be sipped and enjoyed over the course of a three hour game.  You drink two and get up the next inning for two more.  This just pisses me off.

Bill Belichick Was Perfect In His Aaron Hernandez Press Conference Today. Anyone Not Satisfied With What He Said Has Serious Mental Issues.

Bill Belichick friggin nailed that press conference today. He took responsibility for drafting Aaron Hernandez, he seemed humbled and he seemed remorseful to the family of Odin Lloyd.

He answered every question (that he legally could) and he wasnt the typical stubborn prick that he can sometimes be during press conferences. Anyone who isnt satisfied with that press conference has serious mental issues.

Here is a clip of Bill Belichick coming across as a real human being (click here for the full press conference):

So Dustin Pedroia And The Red Sox Have Agreed To A 7-Year Extension That Will Keep Him Here Until At Least 2021. That is Wicked Pissa.

If you live under a rock and havent heard, Dustin Pedroia and the Red Sox have agreed on a 7 year, $100 million contract extension. It begins in 2015 and is for an average of $14 million per.

I am so friggin glad he is going to be here for a while.  The guy plays baseball the right way.  He plays with heart, hustle, grit, and balls, he plays through pain and never takes a play off.  He is everything I want to see in a baseball player.

He has never had any off the field issues and I have never anyone say he is a bad teammate.  But above all else, Dustin Pedroia isnt an asshole. By that I mean, he has never been suspected of using PED’s. And that counts for something. Actually, that counts for a lot.

In this era of assholes giving the middle finger to baseball and using banned substances to make themselves richer beyond the common mans wildest dreams, Dustin Pedroia never gave in. He never sold his soul to the devil like these other assholes did.  He earned every dime he has every made in Major League Baseball.  And he should be applauded for that.

It would have been real easy for him to stick a needle in his ass early in his career and become a fraudulent super star, but he never did.  He respected the game and he earned his money the right way.

This $100 million contract should get some national attention and it is the perfect opportunity for MLB to market this guy as the face of the non-steroid users. I really hope they jump at the opportunity.  Major League Baseball needs a guy like Dustin Pedroia right now.

(ps. anyone who say every baseball player is suspect and that we "dont know" that Dustin Pedroia is clean deserves a swift kick in the balls)

FINAL: Red Sox 6 Tampon Bay Rays 2

If the Rays had won last night, they would have been in first place in the AL East and that would have been a damn shame. There are only about 5,000 people who care about that team and they play in a high school gymnasium for Christ's sake. They dont deserve to be in first place.  Anyway, about the game.

So, Jon Lester was friggin awesome. He had a season high eight strikeouts, didnt walk anyone and allowed just two earned runs in 6.1 innings.  I guess those two extra days of rest paid off for Lester. That is just another example of why John Farrell should win Manager of the Year this season.

Matt Thornton,  Junichi Tazawa and Koji Uehara each pitched in relief and were flawless, not allowing a walk or a hit.  Honestly, if Andrew Bailey werent on the DL, he probably would have come into this game at some point and shat the bed. Thankfully, he is on the DL and we arent bitching and moaning today.

The Red Sox ended the Rays six game winning streak and are now 10-4 against the Tampon Bay this season.  The Red Sox friggin own the Rays this year....and the AL East.

Today Is Patrice Bergeron's Birthday

Patrice Bergeron turns 28 years old today.

Which Verbal Bitch Slap Was More Awesome: Howard Stern Calling Gerry Callahan A "Douche” And A “Fucking Idiot” Or Gary Tanguay And Kirk Minihane Calling Each Other “Full Of Crap?"

Each of these verbal bitch slaps are awesome, but which one is more awesome?

Here is Howard Stern calling Gerry Callahan an "asshole" and a "fucking idiot" then going on an eight minute rant about how bad the Dennis & Callahan Show on WEEI sucks. Robin Quivers even weighs in, telling Howard that Dennis and Callahan "should be sucking your cock" (at the 2:07 mark). Then she calls them assholes (at the 3:50 mark).

And here is Gary Tanguay of CSNNE and Kirk Minihane of WEEI getting into an epic shouting match which leads to them calling each other "full of crap." (the verbal bitch slapping begins at the 1:25 mark)

Masshole Shirt (Navy Blue) (Extra Large)

Today Is Shawn Thornton's Birthday

Rather than show a collection of Shawn Thornton fights to celebrate his birthday, I figured Id show something a little different. Here is Shawn Thornton putting on an epic display of finesse and skill on a wicked pissa penalty shot:

FINAL: Rays 3 Red Sox 0

The Red Sox only got two friggin hits in this game. Two. Brandon Workman pitched pretty well, giving up two runs, seven hits and only two walks over six innings but it didnt matter. What a  waste.

All Of A Sudden, Pictures Like This One Of A Girl Sticking Her Ass In Gronk's Dick Region Don’t Cause A Media Shitstorm Anymore. Thank You, Aaron Hernandez.

via Busted Coverage

Rob Gronkowski can thank Aaron Hernandez for lowering the bar. Before all the Hernandez bullshit, the media would have seen a picture like this and turned it into some sort of bullshit story about how immature Gronk is and how he doesnt take football seriously.  But nope. This picture has made its round on the internet and not one major media outlet has made a big deal about it. Its actually pretty refreshing. 

And Now I Present To You, The Greatest Closer In The History Of Baseball....Scratching His Balls In Front Of A National TV Audience.

It turns Mariano Rivera isnt some sort of superhuman or god. The dude scratches his balls just like every other dude on the planet.  The only difference is that he does it on Sunday Night Baseball in front of a national audience.

VIDEO: Some Dude Caught A Foul Ball In His Beer Then Proceeded To Chug The Beer Literally One Pitch Before Mike Napoli Crushed His 3-Run Home Run

The fact that this happened one pitch before Mike Napoli's moon shot makes it even more awesome.

VIDEO: Kid Makes Yankees Coach Look Like An Asshole, Wears Yankees Hat Over Red Sox Hat To Get Foul Ball Then Ditches Yankees Hat.

This is from Saturdays game. Watch as this kid makes Yankees third base coach Rob Thomson look like a real asshole.  Kudos, little Masshole.

While You Lazy Bastids Were Sleeping, The Red Sox Beat The Yankees. FINAL: Red Sox 8 Yankees 7

So, the Red Sox ended up taking two of three from the fourth place Yankees. The Yankees really do suck.

Anyway, with the Red Sox down 3-1 in the third, Mike Napoli hit a 3-run home run to give them a 4-3 lead and then in the 11th, the dude hit a solo home run to give them the win.  The guy is friggin clutch.

Jonny Gomes also hit a moon shot and we got to see David Ortiz steal a base, which was pretty cool.  Ortiz now has four stolen bases on the season which is a career high for him.  It was nice to see CC Sabathia suck on his birthday.  The dude allowed 7 earned runs in 5 innings.  The fat bastid probably got distracted thinking about the cake he planned on devouring after the game.

This was the Red Sox ninth walkoff win of the season and the fourth on a home run.  This team is so friggin fun to watch.  The Sox now have a 1.5 game lead over the Tampon Bay Rays, who come to town Monday for a four game series.

The Rays have won 17 of their last 19.  Honestly, that team just doesnt scare me. You could tell me that they had just won 30 games in a row and I just wouldnt be intimidated by that team.

Mariano Rivera Got A Standing Ovation At Fenway Park And Then At A Steakhouse After The Game. That Is Bullshit.

I understand that Mariano Rivera is an all-time great and that he played baseball the right way, bla, bla, bla. I get that. So I can understand putting the rivalry and the hatred aside for a brief moment and giving him an ovation at Fenway Park.  But after the game at a friggin steakhouse?  That just pisses me off.

Ovations at restaurants should be saved for the players who brought us championships.  People should not be in awe of this guy or thanking this guy for shit.  Acknowledging him is one thing.  Treating him like he is some sort of cult hero is just bullshit.

Im disappointed in the massholes who were at that mystery steakhouse.  Actually, if a snob like Kenny Albert was there, I think its safe to assume there werent any real massholes there anyway.

Justin Bieber Played At The TD Garden Saturday Night And The Bruins Roped Off Their Logo To Prevent Any Potential Douchebaggery.

This really happened. That little prick Justin Bieber played at the Garden last night and some dude tweeted this picture from the Bruins locker room.  Well played, Bruins.  Well played.

The Bruins Will Have More Nationally Televised Games In 2013-2014 Than Any Other Team In The NHL. The National Hard On For Sidney Crosby May Finally Be Getting Soft.

From FangBites:
The Boston Bruins have the most games across NBC and NBC Sports Network this season, with 13. Boston is followed closely by the Chicago Blackhawks, Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and St. Louis Blues, who all make 12 appearances. Four additional teams have 11 games on NBC and NBC Sports Network — Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, and Washington Capitals.

Getting swept in the Eastern Conference Final was more than just humiliting for the Penguins.  It may have been franchise altering.  The Bruins will have more nationally televised games in the 2013-2014 season than golden boy Sidney Crosby and his Penguins.

This tells me two things.  One, the Bruins are THE elite team in then Eastern Conference.  Two, the Penguins have begun their downward spiral towards irrelevancy.  And that is friggin awesome.  It validates everything that I said about them last season--namely, that they arent Stanley Cup contenders and dont deserve to be considered favorites every friggin season.

The fact that they didnt fire their head coach or make any significant changes means we are probably going to see a lot of the same from them this coming season.  Basically, they will have a few cute winning streaks during the regular season and then accomplish nothing come playoff time (last season they beat the Islanders and Senators...big shit).

The only downside to the Bruins having this many nationally televised games will be the lack of Jack Edwards.  That sucks.

Here's How A Masshole Sees The 7 Day Weather Forecast

Your Tweet Of The Day

Seriously, I hate the All-Star break.