When Alfonzo Dennard Got Arrested Last Year For Assaulting A Cop, Bill Belichick Wrote A “Character Letter” Supporting Him. This Morning At 2am, He Got Arrested For DUI.

From The Omaha World-Herald:
Former Nebraska football player and current New England Patriots defensive back Alfonzo Dennard was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving early Thursday in Lincoln.

This is not Dennard's first brush with Lincoln police. Last year, he punched an officer investigating a fight outside a downtown Lincoln bar, and was later convicted of one count of assaulting an officer. He was sentenced in March to 30 days in jail, two years of probation and 100 hours of law enforcement-related community service.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini attended the sentencing. He also wrote a “character letter” in support of Dennard. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and University of Nebraska Regent Tim Clare also wrote character letters.

Bill Belichick must be pissed right now.  This guy was given a second chance and he made Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization look like a bunch of assholes. The Patriots are quickly garnering a reputation as an organization that enables this kind of bullshit and I dont like it.

I have no friggin idea how the Patriots are going to react to this from a personnel standpoint.  I mean,  they arent exactly deep in the CB position.  But at the same time, in terms of reputation and public image, the organization is headed towards Cincinnati Bengals / Oakland Raiders territory and they have to put an end to the bullshit.

As a Patriots fan, this sucks.  It is painful to watch the definition of The Patriot Way morph from "be a professional and do your job" to "enable assholes to fly under the radar and be unaccountable."

This really, really sucks.