Bill Belichick Said “All Three” Quarterbacks Are Going To Be Effective For The Patriots This Year. My Mind = Blown.

Bill Belichick did an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio and said, “we have three guys really at the quarterback position that, when they play, are going to be effective for the team.”  So, I think Belichick just said that Tim Tebow will be on the Patriots this season...I think.

I would love to know what kind of Houdini bullshit Belichick has up his sleeve.  I really would.  I mean, a lot of "experts" who watched Tim Tebow at Patriots practices over the weekend said that he didnt look good at quarterback at all (Tom E. Curran even called him "horrendous") so I cant see this guy throwing the ball this season.

My mind is just blown right now.  I mean, I have no friggin idea what Belichick plans to do.  I really dont.  Im not even smart enough to speculate.  Im just going to keep my mouth shut and repeat the mantra, "in Bill we trust."