David Ortiz Is Now The Greatest Designated Hitter Of All Time. I Hope This Isnt An Understatement, But Papi Is Wicked Pissa.

So, David Ortiz has more hits than any DH in MLB history. This one is bitter sweet.

Its sweet because the guy has been consistently good for a long time and has absolutely excelled at his position and it has been friggin awesome watching him over the years.

But it sucks because no designated hitter has ever been elected to the Hall of Fame. So despite all the accolades and accomplishments, David Ortiz will most likely never see his face in bronze in Cooperstown. And that is pure bullshit.

It was bad enough when Ortiz got the shaft in AL MVP voting back in 2005, coming in second in voting to Alex Rodriquez, and we had to listen to those crusty old baseball writers give the excuse that he doesnt deserve to win MVP because he is a DH.

I understand that no DH had ever won an MVP before, but excluding someone simply because he doesnt play the field is a friggin joke.  The DH is a position. Ignoring it just makes the guys who vote look like assholes. But I digress.

Anyway, knowing that the BBWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America) is just going to treat David Ortiz like shit in the end and not let him in the Hall of Fame sucks but knowing that Massholes everywhere appreciate David Ortiz is a consolation.

Kudos to David Ortiz.  And I hope the next time he sees a BBWAA member in the clubhouse, he'll tell him to shove his Hall of Fame vote up his ass.