Dodgers Stadium Is Selling Frozen Beer Foam That Goes On Your Beer And Keeps It Cold...For All The Pussies In LA Who Drink Beer Too Slow.

The process essentially breaks down into 2 easy steps for a bartender, or in this case a newbie Dodger Stadium employee. Step 1, pour the beer out of the tap. Step 2, conjure your skills as a frozen yogurt employee because adding the frozen foam is aesthetically similar.
The foam, served at -5 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit, was created to top a pint glass and form an insulated layer that ‘protects your beer’ in the daytime heat.

How snobby are they out there in LA?  Jesus Christ, its friggin beer.  Its not supposed to be sipped and enjoyed over the course of a three hour game.  You drink two and get up the next inning for two more.  This just pisses me off.