FINAL: Red Sox 6 Tampon Bay Rays 2

If the Rays had won last night, they would have been in first place in the AL East and that would have been a damn shame. There are only about 5,000 people who care about that team and they play in a high school gymnasium for Christ's sake. They dont deserve to be in first place.  Anyway, about the game.

So, Jon Lester was friggin awesome. He had a season high eight strikeouts, didnt walk anyone and allowed just two earned runs in 6.1 innings.  I guess those two extra days of rest paid off for Lester. That is just another example of why John Farrell should win Manager of the Year this season.

Matt Thornton,  Junichi Tazawa and Koji Uehara each pitched in relief and were flawless, not allowing a walk or a hit.  Honestly, if Andrew Bailey werent on the DL, he probably would have come into this game at some point and shat the bed. Thankfully, he is on the DL and we arent bitching and moaning today.

The Red Sox ended the Rays six game winning streak and are now 10-4 against the Tampon Bay this season.  The Red Sox friggin own the Rays this year....and the AL East.