FINAL: Red Sox 7 Orioles 3

Stephen Drew has to be one of the most frustrating players in the history of the Red Sox. When he isnt menstruating and getting cramps, the guy can play. Its just too bad his threshold for pain is a zero. If this dude could play through pain the way Dustin Pedroia does, he would be a special player.

For the record, Drew is still on my shit list.  Sure, he had a great game but earlier in the season, the guy went on the 15 day DL with a "tight hamstring."  Pedroia plays through the pain.  So does Shane Victorino.  There is no reason why Drew shouldnt.  He has to do more than have a two home run, five RBI night to make up for that type of bullshit.

Anyway, so Ryan Dempster was okay, going 5.1 innings and giving up two runs and striking out four. Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa pitched well in relief and Koji Uehara once again pitched a perfect ninth. This guy really is unappreciated. I remember the days earlier this season when Andrew Bailey and/or Joel Hanrahan would piss me off nightly. But I digress.

The Tampon Bay Rays won, so the Red Sox are still a half game back in the AL East.