It Turns Out That Brad Marchand Trade Rumor Was Just A Bunch Of Bullshit Made Up By Kevin Paul Dupont.

So, this is how all the Brad Marchand trade rumors got started yesterday.  Kevin Paul Dupont, who used to be good at writing about hockey, tweeted this and people thought he was "reporting" that Brad Marchand and/or Chris Kelly were on the trading block.

It was talked about on sports talk radio, people were tweeting about it and those overzealous amateurs at Bleacher Report even wrote about it.

Actually, I dont blame them for being duped.  Kevin Paul Dupont does have sources, locker room access and a press pass.  When he says stuff like this, people have every reason to believe that he used his sources to get the information.  But it turns out he didnt.  It turns out he just sucks at twitter.

Maybe he should go back to school and take a course on social media.  Ill give him his first lesson:  when it is your job to report the news and people follow you to get hard news, you really shouldnt tweet speculative bullshit.  It hurts your credibility and you will lose followers (and piss people off).

Thankfully, we have Joe Haggerty on the Bruins beat in this town too.