Jarome Iginla Signed A 1 Year Deal With The Bruins. I Friggin Love It. What A Slap In The Face To Sidney Crosby.

From Masshole Sports March 28, 2013 (the day the Penguins acquired Jarome Iginla):
I didnt think he [Iginla] had a hard on for Sidney Crosby just like everyone else, but I guess he does. And in this case, it caused him to make an irrational, illogical, bad decision. But we've all been there, right? We've all acted on impulse over logic.

When the Penguins get bounced early in the playoffs because of their sucky goaltending, he will look back and realize how stupid he was. In a perfect world, he wont sign an extension with them. Then in the offseason, when his hard on for Crosby subsides, he will have a clear head and make the rational, logical decision to sign with the Bruins (who are a perfect fit for him and his style of play). 

I might be a sucker, but Id still welcome him...despite the fact that he just took a steaming hot shit on us. 

Just call me Masshole-stradamus (or you could just say I have a high hockey IQ).

Anyway, I shat on Iginla after the Bruins swept the Penguins but thats only because I felt so friggin rejected when that mancunt Crosby convinced him to go to the Penguins.

But the reality is, I have wanted this dude from the beginning.  Jarome Iginla is a perfect fit for the Bruins.  He is tough, he plays physical, he is wicked ballsy, and he is a leader.  Like I said at the time of the Penguins trade, I might be a sucker but Id still wecome him here with open arms.

I am over his lapse of judgement.  We've all been there.  We've all picked the pretty girl only to realize she is a wicked bitch.  Im not going to be a dick and hold a grudge.  The pink hat fans might, but Im not going there.  And Im not going to lie, a line of Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Jarome Iginla give me a pants tent. 

On a side note, if that shithead Peter Chiarelli hadnt traded Tyler Seguin, Jarome Iginla would have been the perfect veteran to straighten the dude out.  And if my aunt had a dick, she'd be my uncle.

Anyway, welcome to Boston, Iggy.  Now lets win another fucking cup.