Mariano Rivera Got A Standing Ovation At Fenway Park And Then At A Steakhouse After The Game. That Is Bullshit.

I understand that Mariano Rivera is an all-time great and that he played baseball the right way, bla, bla, bla. I get that. So I can understand putting the rivalry and the hatred aside for a brief moment and giving him an ovation at Fenway Park.  But after the game at a friggin steakhouse?  That just pisses me off.

Ovations at restaurants should be saved for the players who brought us championships.  People should not be in awe of this guy or thanking this guy for shit.  Acknowledging him is one thing.  Treating him like he is some sort of cult hero is just bullshit.

Im disappointed in the massholes who were at that mystery steakhouse.  Actually, if a snob like Kenny Albert was there, I think its safe to assume there werent any real massholes there anyway.