PHOTO: University Of Florida Removed The Aaron Hernandez Brick From Outside Its Stadium Today. The Scumbag's Existance Has Now Been Completely Erased From That School.

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From ESPN:
In late June, the University of Florida began removing photographs and images of Aaron Hernandez throughout the school's football facility.

On Thursday, the school worked to remove the last -- and most publicly visible -- reminder of Hernandez. Florida will dig up and remove a brick outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium honoring Hernandez, a former All-American at the school.

So all things celebrating Aaron Hernandez have been removed from his alma mata.  I cant help but think of the Baltimore Ravens today and the fact that they have plans to build a Ray Lewis statue outside of their stadium.

This just goes to show that some people get it and some people just dont.  Some organizations dont want to associate with the scum of society and some organizations want to celebrate the scum of society (and label the scum as "reformed" whatever the hell that means). 

And I dont want to hear any shit about how Ray Lewis never killed anyone.  He was arrested and charged with murder then worked out a plea deal that allowed him to rat out his friends in exchange for a lesser charge, which turned out to be obstruction of justice.

The only difference between Aaron Hernandez and Ray Lewis is the fact that Ray Lewis played the criminial justice system like a friggin fiddle and got off.  Yet stupid Ravens fans just continue to defend this pathetic piece of shit and live in denial.  My conscience is clear.  I admit Aaron Hernandez is an asshole who deserves to rot in jail.   But I digress.