Red Sox Celebrated The 25th Anniversary Of "Morgan Magic" Last Night At Fenway Park...And Look Who Showed Up.

Morgan is the namesake of the incredible stretch of baseball the Red Sox embarked on in the summer of 1988 known as "Morgan's Magic."

Down nine games in the American League East heading into the All-Star break, the Red Sox inserted Morgan as interim manager and he went on to lead the team to the division title.

The Red Sox honored Morgan and the memorable run before their game against the Mariners on Tuesday by having Morgan throw out the first pitch with seven of his former players. 

Why did Roger Clemens have to show up for the Morgan Magic Anniversary?  Sure, the guy was on the team in 1988 and had some great years with the Red Sox but above all else, the guy is an ego maniac who always put himself above the game and he doesnt belong on the field at Fenway Park for any sort of celebration. 

To this day, he denies that he ever used steroids and the arrogant prick thinks we are stupid enough to believe him.  The guy belongs on the Mount Rushmore of steroid users for Christ's sake--along with Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Jose Canseco.

I dont give a shit about the numbers he put up while here.  If he had never done steroids, he would be just another Dave Stewart, Kevin Appier or Frank Viola and faded away in the mid 90's.  But he chose to turn to the dark side and had a second life in baseball.  The guy lacks integrity and has no shame....and that is the height of douchbaggery.

If he didnt get off on a technicality, he would be in jail for perjury.  Im sorry, but seeing this sociopath at Fenway Park just pisses me off.