So Dustin Pedroia And The Red Sox Have Agreed To A 7-Year Extension That Will Keep Him Here Until At Least 2021. That is Wicked Pissa.

If you live under a rock and havent heard, Dustin Pedroia and the Red Sox have agreed on a 7 year, $100 million contract extension. It begins in 2015 and is for an average of $14 million per.

I am so friggin glad he is going to be here for a while.  The guy plays baseball the right way.  He plays with heart, hustle, grit, and balls, he plays through pain and never takes a play off.  He is everything I want to see in a baseball player.

He has never had any off the field issues and I have never anyone say he is a bad teammate.  But above all else, Dustin Pedroia isnt an asshole. By that I mean, he has never been suspected of using PED’s. And that counts for something. Actually, that counts for a lot.

In this era of assholes giving the middle finger to baseball and using banned substances to make themselves richer beyond the common mans wildest dreams, Dustin Pedroia never gave in. He never sold his soul to the devil like these other assholes did.  He earned every dime he has every made in Major League Baseball.  And he should be applauded for that.

It would have been real easy for him to stick a needle in his ass early in his career and become a fraudulent super star, but he never did.  He respected the game and he earned his money the right way.

This $100 million contract should get some national attention and it is the perfect opportunity for MLB to market this guy as the face of the non-steroid users. I really hope they jump at the opportunity.  Major League Baseball needs a guy like Dustin Pedroia right now.

(ps. anyone who say every baseball player is suspect and that we "dont know" that Dustin Pedroia is clean deserves a swift kick in the balls)