Turns Out That Obnoxious Kid Who Ran On The Field At The All-Star Game Did It Because He Got 1000 Retweets On Twitter...And Was A Yankees Fan. It Figures.

If you didnt watch the All-Star Game last night first of all I dont blame you, second of all you missed some dude running onto the field.

Well, it turns out the obnoxious prick did it because he got 1,000 retweets on twitter.

Seems like he really didnt want to, but felt the pressure.

It finally did get to 1,000 and the prick claims he had "no choice."  Thats pretty friggin sad.

Turns out this guy really is fucked up in the head and doesnt live under his own free will.

He then documented the moments leading up to the douchebaggery.

And this was his last tweet of the night.

Then there is this:

Honestly, Im not surprised that an obnoxious douchebag looking for attention is a Yankees fan.  Im really not.  At least we can get some satisfaction knowing he spent the night in a New York jail and is going to have to pay a fine he cant afford.