The Bruins Will Have More Nationally Televised Games In 2013-2014 Than Any Other Team In The NHL. The National Hard On For Sidney Crosby May Finally Be Getting Soft.

From FangBites:
The Boston Bruins have the most games across NBC and NBC Sports Network this season, with 13. Boston is followed closely by the Chicago Blackhawks, Minnesota Wild, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and St. Louis Blues, who all make 12 appearances. Four additional teams have 11 games on NBC and NBC Sports Network — Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, and Washington Capitals.

Getting swept in the Eastern Conference Final was more than just humiliting for the Penguins.  It may have been franchise altering.  The Bruins will have more nationally televised games in the 2013-2014 season than golden boy Sidney Crosby and his Penguins.

This tells me two things.  One, the Bruins are THE elite team in then Eastern Conference.  Two, the Penguins have begun their downward spiral towards irrelevancy.  And that is friggin awesome.  It validates everything that I said about them last season--namely, that they arent Stanley Cup contenders and dont deserve to be considered favorites every friggin season.

The fact that they didnt fire their head coach or make any significant changes means we are probably going to see a lot of the same from them this coming season.  Basically, they will have a few cute winning streaks during the regular season and then accomplish nothing come playoff time (last season they beat the Islanders and Senators...big shit).

The only downside to the Bruins having this many nationally televised games will be the lack of Jack Edwards.  That sucks.