Tim Thomas Wants To Return To The NHL And Some Shitty Blogger in Philadelphia Wants The Flyers To Sign The Crazy Son Of A Bitch.

Tim Thomas has announced, via his agent, that he is interested in playing in the NHL in 2013-2014.  And stupid Flyers fans are already drooling at the possibility of him coming back.

This is from a shitty blog called Broad Street Hockey:
THIS IS NOT A DRILL I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Tim Thomas is apparently ready to leave the bunker and resume his NHL career.

We just talked this morning about how thin the goaltending market has become. There are a few trade options (trades require giving something up as well, of course) and it's very slim pickin's on the free agency market.
Thomas was a world-class NHL goaltender a year ago and in 2011 when his Bruins won the Cup, he was far-and-away the best goaltender in hockey. He's a phenomenal goaltender, and chances that talent left in one year off are slim.

The big question: What would he cost, and would it be worth it?

Thats some brilliant analysis, huh?  

Lets be serious, unless Tim Thomas has received some extensive therapy in his Colorado bunker, he is probably still a moonbat who thinks the global economy is going to collapse sending the world into chaos.

Remember, he walked away from the game and abandoned Bruins fans over some cockamamie belief that the world was going to end (read his Facebook posts for a recap) then posted Bible verses when it didnt.

His arrogance and mental instability should be enough to keep him out of hockey forever.   But it wont.  There will always be stupid fans who saw what he did in 2011 and will get pants tents over it and there will always be stupid GM's desperate for goaltending who are willing to take a chance.

Seriously, any team that signs him should put a clause in his contract that if they win the Stanley Cup, he is required to attend the White House.  There should also be a clause in there that he cant post stupid doomsdays bullshit on Facebook.

If those clauses arent included, then signing Tim Thimas just isnt worth it.  The guy will become a distraction and a headache.  But Im sure there are plenty of stupid GM's out there desperate enough for goaltending.  We've seen crazier things.

Hell, someone was dumb enough to sign Rick DiPietro to a 15 year contract once.