Tyler Seguin’s Twitter Account Got “Hacked” Saturday Night Prompting The Dallas Stars To Issue A Statement. Somewhere, Peter Chiarelli Is Laughing His Balls Off.

At 11:38pm Saturday night, Tyler Seguin tweeted this:

Then at 11:47pm (nine minutes later) he tweeted this:

I guess the definition of hacked these days is different that what it used to be.  The new definition seems to be, "my asshole friend picked up my phone and sent a stupid tweet through my account."  Lets be serious, that's what happened here.  And that isnt really hacking.  Thats just the type of stupid shit that happens when you hang out with immature people.

Anyway, that incident prompted the Dallas Stars to a statement.  Peter Chiarelli must be laughing his balls off and thinking, I told you so.