VIDEO: David Ortiz Loses His Shit And Shatters The Clubhouse Phone After The Umpire Screws Him

Home plate umpire Tim Timmons ought to be ashamed of himself. That was an atrocious call.  People are going to say that David Ortiz should be suspended for losing his shit in front of the cameras but the umpire's incompetence is the reason Ortiz lost it. If that incompetent prick did his job, this incident never would have happened.

In a perfect world, Tim Timmons will be disciplined by MLB for sucking at his job so badly that it caused a professional to throw a tantrum like a baby.  But he wont be.  And that is so goddamn frustrating.

After the game, David Ortiz explained the pitch that set him off. From ESPN:
Ortiz was at the plate with a 3-and-0 count against Baltimore reliever Jairo Asencio, when he backed out of the batter's box at the same time Asencio delivered a pitch that upon repeated viewings on replay was clearly high. Ortiz said he had not called time. "No, no, it was a ball," Ortiz said. "If the catcher let it go, it would have hit [Timmons] in the face."

And John Farrell gave Tim Timmons a nice back handed bitch slap, saying, “I would hope they review the whole situation from start to finish, and I think there's probably a reason why things ended up the way they did."

John Farrell is pissa.