VIDEO: Tom Brady Told Tim Tebow Back In 2011 That He Was "Trying To Watch Over" Aaron Hernandez And He Was "A Lot To Handle." I Shit You Not.

First of all, the NFL is wicked douchey when it comes to their videos, so I cant actually post the video here. They make you visit their site, so click here to watch the video.

Anyway, the Patriots played the Broncos in week 15 of the 2011 NFL season and during their post game handshake, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow made a little small talk.

Listen at the 1:30 mark when Brady says, "Im trying to watch over Aaron and Brandon" (Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Spikes both played with Tebow at the University of Florida).  He then says, "they're a lot to handle."

Im not saying that Brady knew Hernandez was going to be charged with murder someday but you must admit, knowing what we know now, this conversation seems pretty friggin eerie.  And it kinda makes Robert Kraft sound like he was full of shit when he said that the Patriots organization was "duped."