VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Walks Out On CBS This Morning Interview After The Dickhead Interviewing Him Asks His FATHER To Comment On Aaron Hernandez.

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This is probably an indication of things to come. The media is going to bombard players and coaches with questions about Aaron Hernandez and it is just pure bullshit.

The media has to get it through their thick skulls that the Aaron Hernandez situation is a legal matter and if anyone in the Patriots organization talks about it on the record, they could get named as a character witness and get their asses dragged into that courtroom for the trial.  Lets hope this interview makes its rounds and those stubborn beat writers get the message early.

On a side note, I really wish Gronk had gone full beast mode and tore apart the set after the dickhead interviewer persisted.  When Gronk refused to answer the question, the stubborn asshole should have just moved on to the next question, not asked his friggin father what he thought.  You can see the rage in Gronk's eyes at about the 22 second mark.