REPORT: Tim Tebow Has Been Released

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Patriots have officially released Tim Tebow today.

The only people who care are people in the media.  Any mention of Tim Tebow translates into great tv ratings and lots of web hits, so tv execs must be devastated right now.  No more debating, no more phony QB controversy and no more "Tebow Time."

The reality is, this isnt even a story.  So the Patriots cut a guy who cant throw the football and are going to go with two they've been doing forever.  Big shit.

No word on whether the execs at ESPN are on suicide watch yet.  Ill keep you posted.

FINAL: Red Sox 4 White Sox 3

Who would have thunk this a year ago. This just goes to show how much of a piece of shit Bobby Valentine is. Seriously, if John Farrell doesnt win Manager of the Year and if Ben Cherington doesnt win Executive of the Year it will be an absolute travesty.

Anyway, about the game. David Ortiz broke out of his 0 for 23 slump and drove in the game winning run last night in the fourth inning and Ryan Dempster looked pretty good in his first game back after plunking A-Rod. He went 6.1 innings and allowed three runs on five hits.

Sure, it was against a Chicago White Sox team that has scored the second fewest runs in MLB, but so friggin what.  The stats still count.

Koji Uehara came in to get the final out of the eight and then finished off these bitches from Chicago in the ninth. This guy has been friggin lights out this season.  Uehara has been the MVP of this team and I will fight anyone who disagrees.  Remember earlier this season when Andrew Bailey and/or Joel Hanrahan would come in and shit the bed nightly?  Yea.

Holy Shit, What A Difference A Year Makes.

So, the Red Sox got their 80th win of the season last night. Last year on this day (August 31st) this was the Masshole Sports headline:

Peter Chiarelli Called Andrew Ference A ‘Competitive Son Of A Bitch.’ I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself.

From The Edmonton Journal:
Ference, who was part of the strong leadership inner circle in Boston, knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk. This is not some guy who is just good in the locker-room. He is good, where it counts - on the 200-by-85-foot sheet of ice as well.

Just take it from his former boss, Boston general manager Peter Chiarelli, who's part of Hockey Canada's selection committee for the 2014 Sochi Olympics men's team.

"Andy's a competitive little s.o.b.," Chiarelli said. "He plays harder than his size (five-foot-11, 189 pounds). 

Well said.

VIDEO: Bill Belichick Is Asked About Rolling Stone Article After The Game Last Night And Says “I Don’t Have Anything To Add” Over And Over And Over.

Once again, the NFL is wicked douchey about their videos so Im not able to post it here. Click here to see the video (the question is asked at the 1:02 mark).

Anyway, I understand these reporters have a job to do but why cant they get it through their thick skulls that the Aaron Hernandez situation is a pending legal matter? Jesus Christ, that must get so annoying.

And what makes the guy asking the question really come across as an obnoxious prick is the fact that it was the first question of the press conference. Belichick spent about a minute talking about his philosophy in regards to the pre season, etc, etc and the prick comes out with, "There was a story in Rolling Stone about Aaron Hernandez, have you read it?" Come on. Really?

Jonathan Kraft Called Out Rolling Stone For Lying In Their Aaron Hernandez Article And Basically Tore Their Article To Shit. That Was Friggin Awesome.

Team president Jonathan Kraft finally spoke out on Thursday during the team’s pregame radio show on 98.5 FM The Sports Hub, and lashed out at the article for having at least four inaccuracies, which he pointed out during the interview.

“Reading the article, there were two, three, four things in particular that I saw that are completely, factually inaccurate."  Among the things Kraft pointed out:

* He said one of the juiciest revelations – that Hernandez flew to Indianapolis this past April to tell Bill Belichick that his life was in danger, and that Belichick recommended that Hernandez rent a second apartment as a safe house – is completely false.

* Kraft also said that Belichick never threatened to cut Hernandez at the end of the 2013 season if he had slipped up one more time, as the story said.

* Kraft pointed out that former security officer Frank Mendes was not the team’s chief of security, as was portrayed in the story.

* Kraft said the story was wrong in stating that Hernandez skipped offseason workouts to be in California.

I kinda figured that Rolling Stone article was a bunch of bullshit, so Im not really surprised.  What I am surprised about is the fact that Jonathan Kraft went on the record to explain exactly what Rolling Stone lied about, point by point.

That is some serious bullshit they tried to fling at us, it really is.  You have to wonder if a libel lawsuit will follow.  I mean, a major publication can't just flat-out lie about a billion dollar organization and get away with it.

Rolling Stone basically hired Ron Borges to do a smear campaign on the Patriots and failed.   Thats what this comes down to.  Either heads have to roll over there at Rolling Stone or the Kraft family has to sic their lawyers on those lying son of a bitches.

And I hope the one person who comes crashing down hardest is that Ron Borges piece of shit.  Like I said before, Ron Borges was good friends with Drew Bledsoe and has had a thorn in his ass for the Patriots organization since 2001 when Tom Brady took over at quarterback for this team.  The Patriots have to put an end to the constant slandering by this asshole.

I wonder if Rolling Stone will issue a formal apology.  Honestly, they seem like real pricks, so I wouldnt hold my breath.

What The Hell Was Brady Doing Last Night On The Sideline? Is He Dancing?

I cant tell if he was dancing, twitching or just shat his pants.  I am so confused right now.

Your Tweet Of The Day

FINAL: Orioles 3 Red Sox 2

At least the Rays lost too.

Attendance At Fenway Park Is Reportedly Down From Last Year. No Shit. That’s Because The Owners Stopped Lying To Us About The Stupid Sellout Streak.

Where are you, Red Sox fans? 

Wednesday’s night’s attendance was 31,962. Not chopped liver, but really, what’s going on here? The Red Sox are involved in a tight race. The Red Sox have had 20 sellouts all season. They’ve recovered somewhat attendance-wise from early in the season, and now are down about 2,900 fans per game from last year

Yea, no shit Sherlock.  The Red Sox attendance is "down" this year because the owners stopped lying about the sellout streak.  Thats why.  There isnt some bigger picture answer.

On their last home game of last season, the Red Sox were mathematically out of playoff contention (they were 69-86) and everyone loathed them.  Fenway Park looked like a friggin abandoned strip mall yet the recorded attendance for that game was 37,247.  It went in the books as a sellout:

September 26th, 2012

This year, the owners stopped feeding us the bullshit and like magic, the official attendance  numbers dropped.  You dont have to be a member of Mensa to figure that one out.

In reality, attendance is probably up from last year.  But we will never know because those lying bastids in the Red Sox front office were never up front with us to begin with.

FINAL: Red Sox 4 Orioles 3

Once again, John Lackey pitched his balls off and got the no decision. This guy must be so friggin frustrated. He has been arguably the Red Sox best (at least most consistent) pitcher this season and the Red Sox offense always seems to get a case of limp dick on days he pitches.

But I shouldn’t be bitching right now. The Red Sox just won their fourth straight game. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is almost September and the Red Sox are actually surging as opposed to shitting the bed. That is friggin awesome.

Anyway, about the game. With the Red Sox down 3-1 in the seventh and two men on, Dustin Pedroia came up and was friggin clutch. He hit a two run single and tied up the game. Then with the score tied in the 8th and runners on first and second, John Farrell pinch hit Mike Carp for Xander Bogaerts and Carp drove in the game winning run with a bloop single to left.

Ill be honest, at the time I was pissed because I wanted to see what Bogaerts would do but in hindsight, John Farrell is a friggin genius. The guy knows more about baseball than I ever will.

This was the tenth time this season that the Red Sox have come from behind after the sixth inning to win a game. Unfortunately, the Tampon Bay Rays also won so the Red Sox lead in the AL East is still at 2.5.

Speaking Of Mike Carp, Does He Really Have A Tattoo On His Forarm That Says "Ladies?"

Im not being a ball buster. I really cant tell. It looks like it either says "ladies" or "adios."  You must admit, it would be pretty badass if the dude has a tattoo that says "ladies" across his forearm.

Your Tweet Of The Day

Some guy named Chris Davis of the Orioles hit his major league leading 47th home run of the season last night.  Someone had to say it:

Your Totally Random Bruins Picture Of The Day

Peter King Is Pissa. He Has The Patriots Winning The Super Bowl And Tom Brady Winning NFL MVP.

This is the latest cover of Sports Illustrated:

Sports Illustrated's Peter King is predicting that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl and Tom Brady will win the Super Bowl MVP.  I like the way this guy thinks.  I mean, it is so friggin refreshing to hear someone in the national media who does not have a hardon for Peyton Manning.

Here are his complete playoff predictions (via

And his NFL awards breakdown:

Fuck yea.

Here's Your First Look At Jarome Iginla Behind The Spoked-B

The Bruins sent a tweet yesterday that said, "Jarome Iginla just hit the ice; first time seeing him in the spoked-B" with this picture (I added the caption, of course):

They were at Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington for an informal practice. Training camp starts in 14 days. I cant friggin wait.

Those Asshole At Rolling Stone Are Saying Bill Belichick Knew Of Aaron Hernandez's "thug-life stunts" And Was Close To Cutting Him. And That He Smoked Angel Dust.

screenshot of Rolling Stone article on Aaron Hernandez (caption by Masshole Sports)

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, contributing editor Paul Solotaroff delivers a detailed investigation into Aaron Hernandez's life. Here are five revelations about Hernandez from "The Gangster in the Huddle":

• Hernandez was a heavy user of angel dust, and had become so paranoid over the last year that he carried a gun wherever he went.
• He surrounded himself with a cohort of gangsters, and cut himself off from his family and teammates.
Hernandez had so infuriated his head coach, Bill Belichick, with missed practices and thug-life stunts, that he was one misstep from being cut.
• Both his parents, Dennis and Terri, had criminal records, as did much of his extended family.
• Terri allegedly cheated on Dennis before his death with a violent drug dealer named Jeffrey Cummings, then married Cummings after Dennis died and moved him into the house she shared with Aaron.

Honestly, I dont doubt the angel dust part of this story.  You have to be on some sort of drugs to make the stupid decisions he made in life.

But how the hell can those assholes over at Rolling Stone say that Bill Belichick was infuriated with Hernandez's "thug-life stunts" and that he was "one misstep away" from being cut by Bill Belichick?  That sounds like complete and utter bullshit and quite frankly, it pisses me off.

If there’s one thing we know about Rolling Stone its that they’re really good at making shit up. They made Dzhokhar Tsarnaev look like just an ordinary average college kid who just happened to wake up one day and decide to blow up a crowd of people with his older brother.

Now they have the balls to say that Bill Belichick knew about Hernandez's "thug-life stunts" and was close to cutting him from the team because of it?   Come on.  That is a stupid, idiotic thing to say.

Those pricks over at Rolling Stone obviously dont have press passes. They obviously aren’t in the locker room.  And its pretty obvious they were given some bad information from either one of Aaron Hernandez's brain dead relatives or one of his brain dead friends.  Or maybe they fell for Ron Borges' bullshit hook line and sinker.

Borges co-wrote the Rolling Stone piece and is a notorious Patriots hater.  If Rolling Stone did their homework, they would have know the guy is still butthurt over the way Belichick treated Drew Bledsoe and that the douchebag has an eternal hatred for Belichick and the Patriots organization (read more about who Ron Borges here).

Rolling Stone disgraced themselves with their Dzhokhar Tsarnaev story.  They just made themselves a laughing stock with this Aaron Hernandez bullshit story.

FINAL: Red Sox 13 Orioles 2

Felix Doubront pitched his balls off last night, but Shane Victorino was the story.  The dude went 3 for 3 with two home runs and a double and tied a career high with 7 RBI.  Oh yea, and he scored four runs.  That is the definition of beast mode.

Dont get me wrong.  Felix Doubrount was good too.  He only allowed four hits, two runs, one walk and struck out seven over 6.2 innings.  That is a damn good start.  But Shane Victorino gets the well deserved headline today.

It was nice to see Mike Napoli hit a friggin monster home run over the left field wall and onto the roof of the parking garage.  Thank you, Rachel Starr. And Id be an asshole if I didnt mention the fact that Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury each had three hits. 

Anyway, what makes this win especially sweet is the fact that the Orioles probably came into this series hoping to be the spoiler. You know they would have loved to have come into Fenway Park and swept the Red Sox, gained some ground in the Wild Card race and served the Red Sox some humble pie after taking two of three from the Dodgers.  Well, they sucked ass last night.

And the Tampon Bay Rays lost to the Angels, so the Red Sox now have a 2.5 game lead in the AL East.  Life is good.

Nike Has Unveiled The 2014 USA Olympic Hockey Jerseys. They Are Ugly And They Basically Ripped Off The Union Pacific Railroad Logo. Someone Has To Be Fired For This.

These are the 2014 Olympic hockey jerseys Nike unveiled today:

via @HeidiBurgett

I personally think the design is friggin ugly.  I like to see simple text with the letters USA prominently displated.  But thats just me.  Oh yea, and the logo that Nike "designed" is basically a rip off of the Union Pacific Railroad logo.

Seriously, how friggin lazy are they over there?  I honestly wouldnt be surprised if Nike had an intern design these.  I just wonder how long before they get sued for copyright infringement.

So Tim Tebow Did Not Get Cut On Monday. I Guess He Can Resume His Preseason Duties.

The Patriots cut their roster to 77 on Monday and Tim Tebow wasnt one of the players cut.  So Tebow is safe (for now) and can resume his preseason duties.

via @NatePlay60

Alfonzo Dennard's Court Date Has Been Moved To September 6th. Thats Two Days Before The Patriots Season Opener.

From ProFootballTalk:
Dennard, who was originally scheduled to appear in court this week on a probation violation hearing, had his court date moved to September 6, according to Lori Pilger ‏of the Lincoln Journal Star.

In April, Dennard was placed on probation and sentenced to 30 days in jail after he was convicted of assaulting a police officer. At the time, the judge agreed to put off the 30-day jail sentence until after the upcoming NFL season, and said that if Dennard kept his nose clean he would get the opportunity to avoid jail at all. But in July, Dennard was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The worst-case scenario for Dennard and the Patriots would be that the judge finds that Dennard violated his probation with the DUI arrest and orders him to serve the 30-day jail stint immediately. Going to jail for 30 days starting on September 6 would keep Dennard out for at least the first five games of the regular season.

If Alfonzo Dennard goes to jail, that means Devin McCourty will most likely move from safety to cornerback and that scares the shit out of me.  McCourty sent me to the edge of the Tobin at least a dozen times last year.  When he moved to safety, I became mental stability again.

I mean, he has been great at safety but just the idea of Devin Friggin McCourty at cornerback on this team going forward makes my blood pressure rise.  Thankfully, the criminal justice system in this country is a joke and the criminals and delinquents walk all the time.

Dont get me wrong, I want to see this guy get his due punishment.  But I also care about the psychological well being of Patriots fans and want to see the mental state of the people of New England stable this fall.  Lets cross our fingers.

In “This Is Not News" News: Daniel Bard Threw A Scoreless Inning With The Rookie Level Gulf Coast League Red Sox. Christ, This Guy Needs To Find A Day Job.

From WEEI:
For the first time since May 15, Red Sox right-hander Daniel Bard pitched in a game.  The 28-year-old, who has been in Fort Myers rehabbing from an abdominal strain that the pitcher says he incurred in April, logged a scoreless inning in the Rookie Level Gulf Coast League. 

Bard’s fastball command was inconsistent but he did throw what an evaluator described as a couple of good sliders. Bard was followed into the game by right-hander Alfredo Aceves, who is pitching in his first game since recording two outs in the third inning of a contest against the Mariners on July 9.

This was actually reported by WEEI. I have no friggin idea why. I only posted it because it’s a slow sports day.

The reality is, this guy needs to go find a day job.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I boldly declared Daniel Bard “all done” back in March.  And considering he is 28 years old and pitching in a rookie league, it appears I was kinda right.

VIDEO: Two Wannabe Tough Guys Slap Each Other In The Face In Half-Assed “Brawl” During Giants Jets Preseason Game

This happened at the Jets Giants preseason game on Saturday. It looks like this "brawl" starts when the two women start going at it. Then their respective men get in each others faces and I swear, there are more slaps than actual punches.

Security steps in then literally walks away when they slap each other. Its almost as if they wanted to see these assholes beat the shit out of each other.  They were probably just as disappointed as me.

FINAL: Red Sox 8 Dodgers 1

Leading up to this series, we heard a lot about how great the LA Dodgers were.  They had a 9.5 game lead in the NL West (at the start of this series) and were considered a lock for the playoffs.

Well, the reality is the NL West is as soft as babies shit and this weekend they played a legitimate playoff contender for the first time in a long time and ended up losing 2 of 3.  What a friggin weekend.

And Jake Peavy was pissa last night.  The guy pitched a complete game and only allowed three hits and one run.  The dude was friggin lights out.  Dustin Pedroia had a good night, going 3 for 4 and Mike Napoli went 2 for 4 with a home run, a double and three RBI...thank you Rachel Starr.

A lot of people were calling this series a World Series preview.  Christ, after what we just saw, I really, really hope so.

Oh yea, and the Tampon Bay Rays lost to the Yankees, so the Red Sox lead in the AL East is one game.

You're LA Douchebag Of The Night

via MockSession

It takes a lot of balls to flaunt a "Fuck Boston" shirt to the camera when your team is down 5-1.  What a douchebag.  This just further proves my theory that most douchebags dont even know they are being douchey.

(BTW, this is not photoshopped)

VIDEO: Dustin Pedroia Makes A Friggin Awesome Flip To First With His Glove Then Makes A "Yea, Im Badass" Face Right At The Camera.

You're LA Douchebag Of The Night (Honorable Mention)

via @cpgold5

Who the frig does that? I mean, pick a side dude.  Come on.

VIDEO: Mike Napoli Hits A Friggin Bomb To Make It 8-1 Then Gets To The Dugout And Im Pretty Sure He Says, "Yea, You Can Pull On My Dick Now!"

MLB is wicked douchey when it comes to their videos, so you have to click on this link to see it. Anyway, I might be wrong, but Im pretty sure when Mike Napoli gets back to the dugout (at the 0:38 mark) he says, "yea, you can pull on my dick now."

Im thinking he knew the camera man was following him and he was being a ball buster.  His swagger is off the charts right now. He went 3 for 4 with a double, a home run and 3 RBI last night. Thank you, Rachel Starr.

Mike Napoli Started Yesterday For The First Time Since "Hanging Out" With Rachel Starr And It Actually Went Pretty Well.

I guess we can officially call Rachel Starr a slumpbuster.

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I have no idea if Mike Napoli did or did not bang Rachel Starr. All I know is that she went to the Red Sox game in San Fransisco specifically to see him and then "hung out" with him after (article here).

That being said, Napoli was in the starting lineup yesterday for the first time since "hanging out" Starr and went 3 for 4. It was his first three hit game since June 1st.  Rachel Starr is pissa.

It was also learned yesterday that Napoli has plantar fasciitis. But he was adamant that it wasnt the reason why he has been sucking at the plate lately. Before the game, he told reporters, "I don't feel it one bit hitting. That has nothing to do with anything. Running is definitely the worst part of it -- sometimes in the field, going to first base."

I guess that was his encrypted way of telling us that he hasnt been injured but just in a slump...and that all he needed was a slumpbuster.  Kudos to Napoli for giving his lady friend credit where credit is due.

David Ortiz Is Pissed At The Media For Twisting His Quote About A-Rod. Sets The Record Straight And Says, "I Dont Care Who Hits Who" And "I Dont Give A Flying Fuck What Anybody Thinks."

From ESPN:
An irritated David Ortiz complained Friday that his published comments about Ryan Dempster hitting New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez created an unintended fuss, saying that he and the Red Sox pitcher are not at odds over the issue.

"I don't give a flying f--- what anybody thinks," Ortiz said. "I don't care who hits who and who doesn't."

David Ortiz is the balls.  In his original quote, he said that hitting Alex Rodriguez wasnt "the right thing to do" and "we've got Tampa right on our heels, and that pitch woke up a monster in the Yankees' team at that moment."

Well, the mainstream media being the dickheads that they are,  twisted the quote and made it sound like Ortiz was pissed with Dempster for plunking his pal, A-Rod.

The NY Daily News had the balls to run with the headline, "Red Sox slugger David Ortiz sides with Alex Rodriguez, disagrees with Ryan Dempster hitting embattled Yankees star."  Yahoo Sports went with, "David Ortiz defends A-Rod."  And CBS Boston went with, "David Ortiz Takes A-Rod’s Side, Says Ryan Dempster’s Actions Were Not ‘The Right Thing To Do.'"

Which is all pure bullshit.  He didnt side with A-Rod and have an issue with Dempster.  He just disagreed with the plunking period.  Which wasnt unreasonable, considering the Yankees did go on to win the game and their next four games.

Anyway, good for David Ortiz for giving us a gem of a quote and basically telling all those obnoxious beat writers to shove their sensationalist tendencies up their ass.

Carl Crawford Was Told To "Hold His Tongue" About Boston, But The Prick Still Opened His Big Mouth. Here Are The Latest Quotes.

From ESPN:
Crawford said he has been cautioned to hold his tongue when talking about his two seasons in Boston, but he said, "It [ticked] me off so much, the things I had said about me. I have the type of spirit that, if you say something to me, I'm going to say something back."

"That was one of the toughest times in my life, ever, from when I was a little kid, 1 year old," said Crawford. "It definitely was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life to be traded over here.

"You make $20 million, but it's not like they're begging me to hit a home run every time I go up there, you know what I'm saying? It's not like I need to go 5-for-5 every at-bat and, if I don't, I'm considered the worst player on the planet." 

He also told the LATimes:
"That was just a bad experience," Crawford said of his time in Boston. "I definitely felt like I had a chance to get a fresh start. With a team, new atmosphere, new environment. New everything." "You just walk in the clubhouse and you got a positive feel. Immediately. I want to win all three games. Bad," Crawford said. "Then on to the next series." 

I dont even care about this dickhead anymore.  I really dont.  He can run his mouth all he wants, but the bottom line is that the Red Sox are better this year than last year because he is gone.  Its that simple.

The guy is obviously unprofessional, uncoachable, undisciplined and the proverbial "cancer in the clubhouse."  And he just comes across as such a whiny bitch.  Jesus Christ, good riddance.

That being said, its going to be a great series.  The Dodgers are first place in the sucky NL West and have a 9.5 lead over the second place Arizona Diamondbacks.  The Red Sox, as we know, have the most wins in the American League are are first place in the AL East.

This Should Be The Only Thing That Scares The Red Sox Going Into This Dodgers Series

Seriously, Brian Wilson is a friggin scary looking dude.  And no, this is not photoshopped.  It really is a screenshot of Brian Wilson playing pocket pool...without the pocket. 

FINAL: Lions 40 Patriots 9

Sure, the offensive line looked like shit. Sure, Tom Brady was 16/24 with an interception and no touchdowns. But its the preseason for Christ's sake. There's plenty of time for these guys to get their heads out of their asses.  Im not worried.

On a side note, Tom Brady must be ripshit right now.  I cant even imagine what the Patriots practices are going to be like going forward.  The only thing scarier than the wrath of God is the wrath of Brady. 

Tim Tebow Didnt Get One Second Of Playing Time In The Patriots Third Preseason Game Last Night. He Knows His Role.

(via @NFL_Meme)

If The Tim Tebow Experiment Isnt Over, Its Pretty Damn Close To Being Over.

VIDEO: Aaron Hernandez Laughs, Smiles And Makes Small Talk With Court Officer At His Hearing Today. This Guy Comes Across As Such A Dick.

Aaron Hernandez was officially indicted on murder and weapons charges today and at his hearing, he was laughing and smiling while making small talk with the court officer.

I would love to know what kind of small talk would cause Aaron Hernandez to chuckle right now. I really would. The guy has been charged with murder for Christ's sake. What balls.  On top of that, he didnt even wear a tie to court...and seems to be showing off his chest tattoo.  He just comes across as such a dick.

The Denver Broncos Ball Washing (And Patriots Bashing) Has Begun By ESPN.

This is how ESPN The Magazine see's the NFL Playoffs panning out this year:

via ESPN The Magazine

Yea, they dont even have the Patriots making the playoffs.

Seriously, they should be ashamed of themselves.  There is no reason to pick the Dolphins over the Patriots.  None.  Unless they are trying to stir shit up and get attention...and intentionally piss people off.  Either that or the people who run that magazine are friggin morons.

And they wonder why no one buys their shitty magazine. 

Your Tweet Of The Day

Louis Delmas gets it.

FINAL: Red Sox 12 Giants 1

So in the end, the Red Sox took two of three from the Giants and out scored them 21-4 in the three game series. Damn.  I know the Giants suck, but you must admit, that is friggin impressive.  And this ass whipping felt especially good considering the way Tuesday nights game ended.

Anyway, about the game.  I dont know if this was a case of Barry Zito and the Giants bullpen shitting the bed or a case of a frustrated Red Sox offense that scored just two runs the night before just friggin unloading out of frustration.

Jacoby Ellsbury went 3 for 4 with a stolen base, Dustin Pedroia went 2 for 4 with two doubles, Will Middlebrooks hit a two run home run and Stephen Drew (who hasnt had menstrual cramps in a while) hit a three run bomb in the 12-1 bitch slapping.

On a side note, remember when Barry Zito was good?  Wow, this guy has really fallen from grace. The dude allowed 6 earned runs in 3.2 innings and is now 4-9 for the reigning World Series champions.

After the off day tomorrow, the Red Sox travel to LA for a three game set with the Dodgers.  This should be interesting.

The Official Breakfast Of Alex Rodriguez


This box of Cheaties with Alex Rodriguez on it has been around since 2011. But its been making its rounds on the intertet lately, so I have a moral obligation, as a Masshole, to post it. You're welcome.

I Feel Bad For The Poor Bastids Who Stayed Up To Watch This One. FINAL: Giants 3 Red Sox 2

The Red Sox lost, they are now tied for first place in the AL East, Xander Bogaerts went 0-3 and the game winning run was forced in by a walk in the bottom of the ninth. That sucked.

Apparently The Only People Who Think Ryan Dempster Should Have Been Suspended Are Assholes From New York And New Jersey. What A Shocka.

via SportsNation

This is a real poll from SportsNation.  Sure, I bust ESPN's balls a lot, but their poll are typically give a good indication as to how sports fans really feel.  And to no ones surprise, it is mostly assholes from New York and New Jersey who think Ryan Demspter should have been suspended for drilling that mancunt A-Rod.  What a shocka.

Holy Shit. Ryan Dempster Only Got Fined $2,500 To Go Along With His "Suspension."

According to ESPN, Ryan Dempster only got fined $2,500 to go along with his five game, paid suspension (in which he wont even miss a start). Just to give you some perspective, Joe Girardi got fined $5,000. He must be ripshit right now.

So MLB Has Officially "Suspended" Ryan Dempster...If You Want To Call It That. Joe Girardi Must Be Pissed Right Now.

If this isnt an endorsement of what Ryan Dempster did, then I dont know what it. Christ, anyone with a set of eyes knew Ryan Dempster was throwing at A-Rod...including Bud Selig and his associates. Yet he only got five games.

What cracks me up is that, in the days leading up to that fateful Sunday night game, Jon Lester went on the record and said that Alex Rodriguez "spit in the face" of every union member.  John Lackey went on the record and said that A-Rod shouldnt even be playing.  Then Ryan Dempster (blatantly) intentionally hits him and only gets a five game suspension.  That is friggin hilarious.

Joe Girardi must be pissed right now.  After he got ejected on Sunday night, he went on a epic rant, saying that the Red Sox "have a lot of days off [this Thursday and next Monday] and you could finagle something.  Like if he took the suspension [Tuesday] he wouldn’t miss a start. It has to cost him something."

Well, its Tuesday and Ryan Dempster has been suspended five games, meaning the Red Sox can simply skip his spot in the rotation and not have to find someone to make a spot start.  That must burn Girardi's ass.

Anyway, it looks like its open season on A-Rod, folks. I wonder who the next pitcher will be to give the asshole his proper stoning. Stay tuned.

Joe Girardi Says It Will Be “Open Season” On A-Rod If MLB Doesn’t Suspend Ryan Dempster. Yea...And?

From ESPN:
Yankees manager Joe Girardi said it will be "open season" on Alex Rodriguez if Major League Baseball fails to suspend Boston pitcher Ryan Dempster for hitting the New York star with a pitch.

MLB is expected to decide Tuesday or Wednesday on any discipline.

Girardi said if Dempster isn't punished, it just makes Rodriguez "open season for people, and that can't happen. It's not fair."

Does he really think MLB and the commissioners office gives a shit if Alex Rodriguez gets thrown at nightly? They don’t even want the son of a bitch playing right now. They have no moral obligation to protect this guy from getting drilled nightly.  They just dont.

For Joe Girardi to blatantly call out MLB is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy considering that is the same organization that pushed real hard for A-Rod to be suspended for life...but I wouldnt expect anything less from an organization that thinks their shit doesnt stink.

And I dont mean to sound like a dick, but there was a time in human history when stoning a man to death was a form of punishment.  So, when you put it into perspective, getting hit nightly with 90 MPH fastballs isnt all that cruel.

Your move, Bud Selig.

The Giants Wore Boston Strong Patches Last Night, Showing A Lot Of Class...And Making The Chicago Tribune Look Like Real Assholes.

As the Giants began this series with the Boston Red Sox we remembered the tragedy that occurred on April 15 during the Boston Marathon. On that terrible day, a much celebrated Boston tradition was attacked and the city and its people tested. The result was a display of excellence by the city’s great public servants, a furthered sense of unity and support among its citizens, and a powerful reminder of the strength of the city of Boston and our great nation to stand in the face of adversity.

The Giants welcomed two special guests to throw out the first pitches at the game tonight, Amanda North and Aaron Hern. While watching her daughter run the marathon, Amanda saw a wounded stranger lying on the sidewalk, she called for help and offered comfort, ultimately helping to save the strangers life. At 12 years old, Aaron was was one of the youngest to be affected, he suffered ear trauma, severe leg damage, and nightmares about that day, but has been fighting hard to put the event behind him.

Thank you, to the people of San Francisco and the Giants organization.

Unfortunately, that tragedy will forever be a part of our history and while others cities mock it, capitalize on it for profit and/or use it at some sort of sports rallying cry, it is touching to see that some people have the class to pay tribute to the victims and respect what we went through, as a city, during that tragic moment in our city's history.

That being said, fuck you Chicago Tribune.  You will always be cocksucking assholes to me.  Remember this, from their sports section back in June (read the Masshole Sports response here)?

While You Lazy Bastids Were Sleeping, The Red Sox Beat The Shit Out Of The Giants. FINAL: 7-0

Jon Lester pitched his balls off last night and "out-dueled" Tim Lincecum, going 8 1/3 innings and not allowing a run.  Lincecum only lasted five innings and gave up five earned runs.  I remember when that dude used to be scary good.  I have no idea what the hell happened to him, but Im fine with him sucking.

Anyway, Shane Victorino and Danuiel Nava each went 3 for 4 and Stephen Drew and Jarrod Saltamacchia each hat RBI doubles.  This was Jon Lesters first win since July 28th.  I dont give a shit that it was against the last place Giants.  The guy pitched into the ninth and that is impressive.

The ball busting Rays beat the Orioles, so the Red Sox lead in the AL East is still only one game.

REPORT: Brian Cashman’s Mistress Says He "Didn’t Care" That Yankees Were Using PED’s And Once Interfered With An Investigation. You Cant Make This Shit Up.

From TheVillageVoice:
A court document filed yesterday contains new allegations about Yankees general manager Brian Cashman from his former mistress, who is accused of stalking him and trying to extort money from him.
Louise Meanwell is said to have told her lawyer Stephen Turano that Cashman told her he was aware of steroid use in the Yankees clubhouse, but didn't care as long as it didn't harm the team's reputation, the document says.

Meanwell also told Turano that Cashman told her he intentionally misled investigators during the investigation into pitcher Roger Clemons's steroid use, the document alleges.

Im not naive.  I understand that all GM's knew that players were using PED's back in the day and just didnt give a shit.  But the fact that the Yankees are busting Alex Rodriguez's balls for interfering with the investigation into the Biogenesis clinic yet their own GM intentionally misled investigators when it came to Roger Clemens is laughable.

I mean, the Yankees organization is a friggin joke. They really are. They are run by a bunch of hypocrites who think they are high and mighty when the reality is just are and were enablers just like every other GM in baseball.

Believe me, Im not sticking up for A-Rod here--the guy is an all around douchebag and is bad for baseball.  But for the Yankees to push for a lifetime ban because he interfered with the Biogenesis investigation while their own GM tampered with an investigation and enabled PED use just brings them down to his level.  And it proves that the Yankees organization is just as phony and fraudulent as A-Rod...and thats pretty pathetic.