Aaron Hernandez Sent A Heartfelt Letter To A Fan And Asked The Guy Not To Post It On Social Media...So The Dude Sold It To TMZ. What A Fucking Mancunt.

I dont want to rehash all the Aaron Hernandez bullshit. This isnt about that. The story goes that some guy sent a letter to Aaron Hernandez in jail and he sent a very heartfelt letter back, referencing God and talking about how there is a reason for the way his life turned out and expressing hope that things will turn out for the best and he will someday be out of jail and playing football again (which he wont, but he needs hope to help him cope with whats going on and that is incredibly touching).

Anyway, Hernandez also asked the dude not to post it on social media...and the mancunt actually sold the letter to TMZ.  How fucked up are we as a society when a broken man who will most likely never see freedom again, opens himself up and writes a letter of introspection and it gets sold to the media?  Im sorry, but that is just fucked up.