Attendance At Fenway Park Is Reportedly Down From Last Year. No Shit. That’s Because The Owners Stopped Lying To Us About The Stupid Sellout Streak.

Where are you, Red Sox fans? 

Wednesday’s night’s attendance was 31,962. Not chopped liver, but really, what’s going on here? The Red Sox are involved in a tight race. The Red Sox have had 20 sellouts all season. They’ve recovered somewhat attendance-wise from early in the season, and now are down about 2,900 fans per game from last year

Yea, no shit Sherlock.  The Red Sox attendance is "down" this year because the owners stopped lying about the sellout streak.  Thats why.  There isnt some bigger picture answer.

On their last home game of last season, the Red Sox were mathematically out of playoff contention (they were 69-86) and everyone loathed them.  Fenway Park looked like a friggin abandoned strip mall yet the recorded attendance for that game was 37,247.  It went in the books as a sellout:

September 26th, 2012

This year, the owners stopped feeding us the bullshit and like magic, the official attendance  numbers dropped.  You dont have to be a member of Mensa to figure that one out.

In reality, attendance is probably up from last year.  But we will never know because those lying bastids in the Red Sox front office were never up front with us to begin with.