David Ortiz Is Pissed At The Media For Twisting His Quote About A-Rod. Sets The Record Straight And Says, "I Dont Care Who Hits Who" And "I Dont Give A Flying Fuck What Anybody Thinks."

From ESPN:
An irritated David Ortiz complained Friday that his published comments about Ryan Dempster hitting New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez created an unintended fuss, saying that he and the Red Sox pitcher are not at odds over the issue.

"I don't give a flying f--- what anybody thinks," Ortiz said. "I don't care who hits who and who doesn't."

David Ortiz is the balls.  In his original quote, he said that hitting Alex Rodriguez wasnt "the right thing to do" and "we've got Tampa right on our heels, and that pitch woke up a monster in the Yankees' team at that moment."

Well, the mainstream media being the dickheads that they are,  twisted the quote and made it sound like Ortiz was pissed with Dempster for plunking his pal, A-Rod.

The NY Daily News had the balls to run with the headline, "Red Sox slugger David Ortiz sides with Alex Rodriguez, disagrees with Ryan Dempster hitting embattled Yankees star."  Yahoo Sports went with, "David Ortiz defends A-Rod."  And CBS Boston went with, "David Ortiz Takes A-Rod’s Side, Says Ryan Dempster’s Actions Were Not ‘The Right Thing To Do.'"

Which is all pure bullshit.  He didnt side with A-Rod and have an issue with Dempster.  He just disagreed with the plunking period.  Which wasnt unreasonable, considering the Yankees did go on to win the game and their next four games.

Anyway, good for David Ortiz for giving us a gem of a quote and basically telling all those obnoxious beat writers to shove their sensationalist tendencies up their ass.