FINAL: Red Sox 5 Mariners 4

The Red Sox got their 10th walkoff win of the season last night. This time it was courtesy of Stephen Drew. The guy got up with the bases loaded in the 15th inning and drove in the game winning run with a single then, naturally, proceeded to get mobbed at home plate.

This guy is so goddamn hard to figure out. He refuses to play through pain which makes me want to hate his guts. Yet he the guy has won some games for the Red Sox. Remember, this past weekend he hit two home runs and drove in five runs in the Red Sox 7-3 win over the Orioles. And last night he had the walkoff hit. I mean, the guy can play ball when he's not menstruating.

Drew has been off and on my shit list all season.  After what he did last night , I have no choice but to take him off again. I cant ignore what this guy has done for this team.  I just wish he wasnt such a goddamn pussy.  A part of me thinks he may need another stint on the DL after that mob scene at home plate.

Anyway, John Lackey was solid in this game, going seven innings and giving up three runs and only walking one. Koji Uehara was friggin lights out again. He only needed eight pitches to mow down the Mariners in the 9th and 11 pitches to sit them on their asses in the 10th.

Oh yea, and while the Red Sox were winning in walkoff fashion, the Tamon Bay Rays got spanked 7-0 by the Diamondbacks. So, the Red Sox are back in first place. I hope they enjoyed their two days in first.