Further Proof New York Sucks: NYC Marathon Wont Allow Matt Brown To Compete Because He Cant Push Himself. That Is Just Bullshit.

From NorwoodPatch.com:
After Matt Brown was paralyzed after getting injured during a Norwood High School hockey game, the community came together to help him. 

With the help of veteran Lucas Carr, Brown was able to participate in several marathons, including the Boston Marathon in two years ago. However, the New York City Marathon just denied Brown from entering the race, according to CBS. The reason is because the marathon only allows those who are able to power themselves.

They only allow people who can "power themselves?"  That rules reeks or ignorance, elitism and is just friggin stupid.  I mean, there is really no reason to exclude tandems.  There just isnt.  The Boston Marathon allows them.

This "rule" doesnt serve any purpose at all.  All it does make the organizers of the NYC Marathon look like pompous assholes and further reinforcing the stereotype that New Yorkers tend to be stubborn douchebags.

And Im not making this shit up.  On the NYC Marathon Twitter page, they describe themselves as "the world's greatest twitter feed for the world's greatest race."  You're telling me that doesnt come across as arrogant elitism...and just plain douchey?

I friggin hate that city.

[UPDATE: MyFoxBoston.com is reporting that the organizers have changed their minds and will allow Matt Brown to race.]