I Dont Mean To Piss On Your Friday, But The Reebok Is Selling A "17 Seconds" Blackhawks Shirt

via SportsFanRoom.com

Ive always said that the Blackhawks were a classy organization but I am starting to rethink that.  I mean, this is the kind of bullshit shirt that you would see on a fan blog or something.  Yet this shirt is made by Reebok.

Celebrating a championship is one thing but, as an organization, celebrating a moment that you know pisses off your opponent is pretty douchey.  It just is.  Its unprofessional and to be honest, classless.

Ive always had respect for that organization and fanbase, but the Blackhawks are getting dangerously close to getting put on my shit list.  For now, Ill consider them on notice.