I Just Got Home From Vacation And The First Patriots News I Hear Is That Tom Brady Injured His Left Knee.

Tom Brady reportedly left practice today after "injuring" his left knee.  Nate Solder was pushed onto him and he fell to the ground, clutching his left knee.  He took a few more snaps then walked off the field with trainers.

Life sucks right now. It really sucks.  As of right now, no one knows the extent of the "injury" so Im not heading to the Tobin yet, but this sucks.

This means we are going to hear a ton of bullshit about how good Tim Tebow looks in practice and how he should play instead of Ryan Mallett...if this even turns out to be anything serious. 

So, mentally prepare for obnoxious articles about who the better backup is and embrace for idiots screaming for Tebow Time in an attempt to boost ratings.  ESPN must have a a friggin epic pants tent right now.