Joe Girardi Says It Will Be “Open Season” On A-Rod If MLB Doesn’t Suspend Ryan Dempster. Yea...And?

From ESPN:
Yankees manager Joe Girardi said it will be "open season" on Alex Rodriguez if Major League Baseball fails to suspend Boston pitcher Ryan Dempster for hitting the New York star with a pitch.

MLB is expected to decide Tuesday or Wednesday on any discipline.

Girardi said if Dempster isn't punished, it just makes Rodriguez "open season for people, and that can't happen. It's not fair."

Does he really think MLB and the commissioners office gives a shit if Alex Rodriguez gets thrown at nightly? They don’t even want the son of a bitch playing right now. They have no moral obligation to protect this guy from getting drilled nightly.  They just dont.

For Joe Girardi to blatantly call out MLB is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy considering that is the same organization that pushed real hard for A-Rod to be suspended for life...but I wouldnt expect anything less from an organization that thinks their shit doesnt stink.

And I dont mean to sound like a dick, but there was a time in human history when stoning a man to death was a form of punishment.  So, when you put it into perspective, getting hit nightly with 90 MPH fastballs isnt all that cruel.

Your move, Bud Selig.