Jonathan Kraft Called Out Rolling Stone For Lying In Their Aaron Hernandez Article And Basically Tore Their Article To Shit. That Was Friggin Awesome.

Team president Jonathan Kraft finally spoke out on Thursday during the team’s pregame radio show on 98.5 FM The Sports Hub, and lashed out at the article for having at least four inaccuracies, which he pointed out during the interview.

“Reading the article, there were two, three, four things in particular that I saw that are completely, factually inaccurate."  Among the things Kraft pointed out:

* He said one of the juiciest revelations – that Hernandez flew to Indianapolis this past April to tell Bill Belichick that his life was in danger, and that Belichick recommended that Hernandez rent a second apartment as a safe house – is completely false.

* Kraft also said that Belichick never threatened to cut Hernandez at the end of the 2013 season if he had slipped up one more time, as the story said.

* Kraft pointed out that former security officer Frank Mendes was not the team’s chief of security, as was portrayed in the story.

* Kraft said the story was wrong in stating that Hernandez skipped offseason workouts to be in California.

I kinda figured that Rolling Stone article was a bunch of bullshit, so Im not really surprised.  What I am surprised about is the fact that Jonathan Kraft went on the record to explain exactly what Rolling Stone lied about, point by point.

That is some serious bullshit they tried to fling at us, it really is.  You have to wonder if a libel lawsuit will follow.  I mean, a major publication can't just flat-out lie about a billion dollar organization and get away with it.

Rolling Stone basically hired Ron Borges to do a smear campaign on the Patriots and failed.   Thats what this comes down to.  Either heads have to roll over there at Rolling Stone or the Kraft family has to sic their lawyers on those lying son of a bitches.

And I hope the one person who comes crashing down hardest is that Ron Borges piece of shit.  Like I said before, Ron Borges was good friends with Drew Bledsoe and has had a thorn in his ass for the Patriots organization since 2001 when Tom Brady took over at quarterback for this team.  The Patriots have to put an end to the constant slandering by this asshole.

I wonder if Rolling Stone will issue a formal apology.  Honestly, they seem like real pricks, so I wouldnt hold my breath.